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10 Best Dragon Ball Games On Nintendo Consoles, Ranked

It’s not easy for an anime series to achieve the universal and enduring success of Akira Toriyama. dragonball. The iconic shonen series has been at the forefront of action storytelling for nearly four decades, with no end in sight. Dragon Ball’s popularity has allowed it to penetrate many other forms of media, and there are dozens of video games that attempt to tap into the thrilling, over-the-top world of the animated series.

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The video game industry continues to make huge leaps forward, and Nintendo is one of the big names in the console wars. Nintendo has an impressive history of taking unique risks with its contributions to video games, many of which have been satisfying titles set in the dragonball universe.

ten The Legacy of Goku II distils Dragon Ball action into a tight and charming RPG

Games Dragon Ball Z The Legacy Of Goku II Androids

dragonball the transition from video games to the handheld console market was still very recent in the early 2000s. Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku was a usable action-RPG Game Boy Advance Titlebut its sequel finds its place and is superior in every way. The Legacy of Goku II covers the anime’s Cell Saga, but it also touches on additional material, such as Cooler’s attack. The gameplay and controls are improved from the original and the addition of lengthy side quests and unlockable content makes it feel like a much more substantial experience. His follow-up, Dragon Ball Z: Buu’s Wrathloses some of that magic.

9 Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors uses strategic card mechanics for its battles

Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors was released on Nintendo’s Game Boy Color, but it’s such a massive and fulfilling title that it looks like it could have been released on the Game Boy Advance. legendary super warriors spans the entire Dragon Ball Z and leans into an addictive card-based combat system for its combat. This approach is both unique and entertaining and there are over 125 maps in the game to explore. One of the most rewarding aspects of legendary super warriors is that a second part gives the player more freedom with who they control, as well as additional battles.

8 Dragon Ball: Origins looks to Goku’s roots for an addictive portable adventure

Games Dragon Ball Origins Fight

The Nintendo DS is a very impressive portable gaming hardware and Dragon Ball: Origins makes the most of the touchscreen and stylus setup. Dragon Ball: Origins returns to origin dragonball series and covers Goku’s early adventures up to the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament.

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The action-adventure title is deeply charming and it contains a lot of creative elements for a dragonball game, like the Flying Nimbus racing sequences. Dragon Ball: Origins has a sequel that covers the rest of the original anime, but it’s slightly weaker and more confusing than its predecessor.

7 Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors is a portable fighter full of style

Arc System Works have become iconic names in the video game industry when it comes to dragonball because of their work on Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Dragon Ball Z: Sonic Warriors East an awesome Game Boy Advance game it’s effective both as a single-player experience and as a handheld multiplayer combat game. Unlockable Characters, Story Missions, and “What If?” the scenarios all elevate the fighting game to something deeper. Supersonic Warriors There happens to be a Nintendo DS sequel, but despite the more powerful hardware, expanded roster, and the addition of movie villains like Broly and Cooler, it’s a slightly lower version.

6 Dragon Ball: Revenge Of King Piccolo is a passionate side-scrolling beat-’em-up

There are so many similar dragonball video games with diminishing returns than something like Dragon Ball: The Revenge of King Piccolo, an action-adventure beat-’em-up for the Wiiis such a breath of fresh air. King Piccolo’s Revenge tells the whole story of the original dragonball series in satisfying 2.5D side-scrolling action. The attention to detail in the game’s enemies and supporting environments will appeal to die-hard fans, and the boss battles truly have a grand scope. There’s even a versus mode that can be unlocked which adds significantly to the experience.

5 Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension is Super Nintendo’s superlative fighter

super nintendo Butōden trilogy of dragonball fighting games were revolutionary in the 1990s, but Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension feels like the most polished execution of these titles. Hyper Dimension is the last SNES dragonball game and it is easily the most attractive of anime fighters on the console.

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Hyper Dimension has ten playable characters who hail from Frieza and Buu Sagas, and it’s the first time audiences can play as Vegito and Kid Buu. Hyper Dimension features excellent gameplay, as well as awesome branching stories and secret content for the most dedicated players.

4 Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 Is The Inventive Fighting Franchise’s Highest Mark

Games Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 Fight Vegito Buu

the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Dimps streaks are some of the best dragonball titles, and they’ve helped show audiences what’s possible in modern fighting games taken from the iconic animated series. the original Budokai sets up a solid foundation, but its sequel improves the formula in every way. Budokai 2 covers Kid Buu’s carnage, but it also introduces fusion to the series and allows a lot of freedom when it comes to the original fused characters. There’s also a very deep story mode that elevates the game above just a fighting title.

3 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 features hearty content from all corners of the franchise

Games Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 GT Super Baby Vegeta 2 Fight

dragonball Fighting games have gotten progressively bigger, which can have both its pros and cons. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is the culmination of previous fighting games with unruly rosters and almost too much content to explore. There are currently over 100 characters to master in the game, along with over a dozen DLC packs that have made new material a regular occurrence. Xenoverse 2 is over four years old, but his fan base is so strong that it will probably take a while before a Xenoverse 3 comes around.

2 Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is an immersive animated open-world experience

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a big step forward for the future of dragonball games and it packs an incredible amount into a vast open-world RPG experience. Kakarot does not only cover all of Dragon Ball Zas recent DLC material covers events from Dragon Ball Super, as well as original stories and characters. The combat is polished, the gameplay is beautiful, and there’s so much to do and explore in the title. It’s a real love letter to dragonball in all directions.

1 Dragon Ball FighterZ is the ultimate love letter to the iconic anime

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

dragonball fighting games have been around for years, but The release of Dragon Ball Fighter Z set a new standard for the genre. The title features many of the franchise’s most popular characters, as well as less common individuals like Tien and Nappa, not to mention a strong representation of both. Dragon Ball Super and GT. A dragonball Fighter has never looked better and the Arc System Works-inspired cel-shaded aesthetic and polished, fast-paced gameplay make the player feel like they’re in the anime series. It will be hard for a future dragonball top notch fighting game FighterZ’s Heights.

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