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10 Nintendo Bootleg Consoles That Are Too Hilarious For Words

When you reach the top, everyone wants a share of the glory. It transfers to video games as well as to all acts of life. Let’s look at Nintendo. While they didn’t launch the home video game market, they brought it back from the dead after Atari collapsed in the ’80s.

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The NES was like a phoenix and every console that has come out since can be thankful for it and Nintendo in general. That said, there are, of course, less legitimate competitors who want to make a few bucks. Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest Nintendo consoles.

Entertainment system

Instead of posting one of what are probably hundreds of NES scams, let’s take a look at the NES Classic bootlegs instead. This thing took the internet by storm and availability was scarce when it launched in 2016.

Leave it to the hackers to create clone systems to capitalize on the hype. Truth be told, it looks pretty good and 620 games look mouthwatering. However, the only thing that reveals its true nature is the name. For the curious, it’s less than $ 30 on Amazon.


Okay, that last piece was kind of a lie because it’s too hard not to talk about the Pegasus. It was playing NES games, but the system and controller made it look more like an SNES clone. It has been distributed in markets like Serbia and Poland.

This was actually a trend in territories where Nintendo was either prohibited from officially selling consoles, or had simply never decided to go themselves. This is really the story of most pirated consoles.

Child game

The Game Child is of course a copy of the Game Boy. It looks close, but the body and screen are smaller. Plus, it only has one action button besides the D-Pad and four buttons below the screen for options like power.

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Based on research, it appears the exact identity of the manufacturer is unknown, as is the release date. As an interesting tidbit, Ashens and the Quest for the Game Child was a 2013 independent film that revolves around this clone.

Super Joy III Power Player

The Power Player Super Joy III, or simply Power Player, is a plug and play console. Despite one of the controllers looking like an N64 copy, it plays NES games.

This painfully shows that most bootleggers aren’t good at hacking content outside of NES tasks, which is understandable. No one said making consoles, or video games, was easy, especially for hackers.

Family pocket

It’s like a Famicom, the Japanese NES, version of the Switch. The system itself resembles Famicom’s controller, which is apt considering it plays these games. However, it can also connect to a TV.

Not only that, but gamers can plug controllers into the system for said TV functionality or for playing on the go. It launched in 2019 and also sells for around $ 30 on Amazon.

Neo Double Games

The Neo Double Games looks like the original DS design, i.e. ugly. This DS Lite review is what really made this system a hot seller.

Either way, most laptops look like the said DS except for the four extra buttons on the top. Like the Family Pocket, a revision of the Neo Double Games allowed players to plug in controllers for multiplayer sessions on the go.


Like the NES Classic, the popularity of the Wii and the rarity it created made it attractive to bootleggers. There are too many Wii clones to mention, but WiWi is definitely one of the funniest titles out there.

It also has many dubious redesigns of the official version of the Wii. For example, their Wii Remote has so many buttons, and the console itself uses cartridges. The other controller looks like a PS1 and the Sega Genesis controllers got together and had a baby.


The GPD XD was launched in 2015 and was manufactured by GamePad Digital, a Chinese company. It looks like a 3DS, but with two joysticks at the top as well as various other new button configurations.

It runs on an Android operating system, which means it can optionally run a variety of emulators. And no, not just NES games, which is an amazing find. However, it will cost buyers $ 230 according to Amazon. At this point, why bother?

Nanica Smitch

Whoever did this certainly didn’t spend too much time on the name. Smitch is quite close to Switch where he could fool some people. Even if it lacks analog sticks, replaced by two D-Pads, the color scheme can even fool some at first.

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However, other than the fact that there is an N in Nanica, it is nothing like Nintendo. On the plus side, it has an impressive amount of games, but the Joy-Con replacements use disposable batteries. and there is no HDMI connection.


This article would do a disservice to not mention the more “legitimate” bootleg consoles. For example, Hyperkin released the SupaBoy in 2011. There have been revisions since then, but it’s basically a portable Super Nintendo that uses SNES and Super Famicom cartridges.

It can be played on the go or connected to a TV. They also make the RetroN series of consoles which have multiple cartridge slots for consoles like NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, etc.

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