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10 of the best sci-fi game Nintendo consoles, ranked

You’d think gaming giant Nintendo and the popular sci-fi genre would be a natural pair. After all, both exude creativity, imagination and adventure, with a host of captivating and entertaining properties. Still, the Big N didn’t often venture into the sci-fi realm, and that goes double for the modern-era Nintendo.

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Luckily, there are a number of epic and imaginative sci-fi titles developed and published by the studio. These are gaming adventures filled with awesome technology, space odysseys and alien creatures that are sure to satiate star wars and star trek fans who also love games. With that said, let’s explore 10 of the best offerings developed and published by Nintendo for sci-fi fans.

ten Geist (GameCube)

First-person shooters aren’t often thought of when it comes to Nintendo games, let alone dark and dynamic games. However, n-Space and Nintendo Geist certainly fits the bill, shining as a rare bright spot for sci-fi fans on the GameCube. The game revolves around an inventive mechanic that shifts the player’s “mind” from one body to another.

This injects a neat edge to the gameplay and ties in smartly with the game’s conspiratorial sci-fi narrative. Multiplayer is even more engrossing, with a trio of game modes that also incorporate this ghostly mechanic.

9 Super R-Type (SNES)

Space shooters can feel quite overdone and overcrowded at this point. Yet, when it comes to 16-bit offerings, Super R-Type stands as a particularly exciting effort in the genre. Although developed by another studio by the name of Irem, the game can rival many of Nintendo’s big names on the SNES, and it was even published by the Big N in Europe.

The game hits players with an onslaught of unique and colorful enemies while offering satisfying bonuses and powerful weapons. The unique gameplay keeps players on the edge of their seat, as even hitting a wall will cause the ship to explode into nothingness.


8 Astral Chain (switch)

PlatinumGames Underrated Antics, The Wonderful 101, didn’t get much attention due to the Wii U’s small user base. Years later, however, they made their presence known with this impressive sci-fi epic that seemed to come out of nowhere. go. The game takes a bit of anime, a bit of cyberpunk, and mixes it with adrenaline-fueled hack and slash gameplay that balances action and strategy.

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Astral chainThe combat remains thrilling and rewarding throughout, and this is enhanced by a surprisingly gripping plot and creative world-building.

7 Star Fox (SNES)

Star Fox original SNES

What’s not to love about Nintendo’s sci-fi classic, star fox, a Nintendo-esque twist on a sci-fi space shooter? While the polygonal aesthetic might look a little dated today, it was certainly impressive to see the SNES achieve 3D graphics of all kinds. Fortunately, the gameplay is still thrilling and engaging, even if the visuals don’t quite hold up.

star fox features a range of short but action-packed stages that keep players on their toes. Players will dodge and weave through hazards, grab power-ups, and face a slew of hissing enemies.

6 Super Metroid (SNES)

Super Metroid Samus vs. Ridley

If there’s one sci-fi franchise from Nintendo that can truly be considered “flagship”, it’s the famous one. metroid series. This space adventure shooter has long been favored among the more hardcore circles of Big N audiences. Over the years, the franchise has seen a roller coaster ride of entries ranging in both style and quality.

However, one of the most universally recognized efforts has to be SNES rendering. This game appealed to hardcore fans of the elaborate NES game while attracting new fans with its flashier visuals and action-packed gameplay. The satisfying shooter mechanics, rewarding bonuses for Samus, and thrilling boss battles make this a must-have game for any Nintendo fan who appreciates sci-fi.

5 Metroid Prime (GameCube)

As Nintendo enticed gamers with a 2D sci-fi adventure, Texas-based Retro Studios took a bold risk by mixing up the formula and putting Samus in the game. 3D arena. At least in the eyes of most fans it was a very profitable bet, and the debut of the Metroid Prime The series on GameCube is still considered one of the console’s best games.

The essence of the old school metroid is still there. You have the exploration elements, bonuses, and abilities, including trademark morph ball movement, and an emphasis on shooting. However, 3D environments have allowed First to exude a more epic and immersive quality.

4 Star Fox 64 (Nintendo 64)

Star Fox 64 Androsse

Nintendo managed to take the already thrilling star fox series in overdrive with this memorable shooter for the Nintendo 64. The improved graphics were advanced enough to more accurately fit the style of the game this time around, and the gameplay also proved to be more dynamic and diverse. There’s a reason this game has been the source of popular gaming memes, including the classic “do a barrel roll!” It’s just memorable.

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For many, the main feature of this sequel is the endlessly fun multiplayer options. Up to four players can face off in an intense point match or battle royale in a Landmaster ship or tank. Additionally, there’s the arcade-style time trial, which sees players take on hordes of enemy fighters.

3 F-Zero (Super NES)


Although the pseudo-3D effect of some SNES runners can be a mixed bag visually, F-zero is perhaps the strongest example of “Mode 7” done right. This fast and flashy runner was and East so captivating that it helped spawn an entire subgenre.

F-zero managed to make a similar runner on the platform, Super Mario Kart, feeling slow and lukewarm with its appreciation for speed and chaotic tracks full of tight turns and ramps. Even without the inclusion of multiplayer, F-zero remains one of the most enjoyable racers of the 90s.

2 Dark Perfect (Nintendo 64)

Dark N64 Perfect Gameplay

golden eye was captivating in its appeal james bond theme, which closely adheres to the film on which it was based. Still, this spiritual successor to Rare beefs up the gameplay and scale, while refining the mechanics.

The idea of ​​surpassing this classic FPS seemed absurd, but, at least in the eyes of many gamers, the British studio succeeded. perfect dark lures players in with an entirely original story full of aliens and corporate conspiracies. Still, it keeps players enthralled with a range of crazy new weapons like the laptop gun, tons of fun multiplayer options with bot support, and a rich campaign mode.

1 Metroid (NES)

Metroid Nintendo

When it comes to Nintendo software – and, really, sci-fi games in general – it’s hard to beat the original. metroid for the NES. This space adventure just has that extra “something”. Despite its basic visuals, the game is dripping with atmosphere and an eerie feeling bordering on helpless isolation.

That feeling slowly but surely dissipates with each new gratifying power-up Samus gets. Shooting is also satisfying thanks to tight, well-designed mechanics, and the detail in the unique settings is truly impressive for an NES game. There are few 8-bit games that manage to feel as grand and exciting as this 1986 classic.

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