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10 Rarest Limited Edition Nintendo Consoles

Limited edition consoles have been around since consoles were created. I mean, when you have the ability to sell more consoles for just a little extra work, who wouldn’t make them? Because of this, the gaming world has seen all kinds of artistic and design variations of our favorite consoles.

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And no one has made as many limited edition consoles as Nintendo, only making more and more as their new consoles come out. And with so many limited editions, it’s only natural that some of them end up being much rarer and harder to get than others. From the ones you still have a slim chance of getting to the ones that are priceless, here are some of the rarest Nintendo consoles ever made.


10/10 Advance Wars DS

Advance Wars DS Press Pack

While sometimes limited editions may have unique and detailed designs, others may simply be color swaps or simple patterns, but even these designs can be saved with the right presentation. The Advance Wars Limited Edition DS was a DS with a simple camouflage pattern printed on it.

What makes this variant interesting is everything that surrounds it, the variant was made and sent to the press to promote Advance Wars: Dual Strike. But the variant was sent in a fun way, using a real army ammo box to hold it, the game, and a special mug. Unfortunately, this batch was reserved for the press and only 50 copies were made.

9/10 MTV Gamecube

MTV Gamecube

Although few of them were very interesting, branded deals were a common form of limited edition console, especially at the time, versions of the console with a logo just slapped on it. But sometimes they’re a bit more interesting, like the MTV Gamecube, a series of specially painted Gamecubes to promote the release of the Gamecube.

29 of these were made and distributed throughout December 2003, one for each day except Christmas and New Years. There were several variations on the design, making each variation even rarer. The icing on the cake was that the Gamecube was the least suitable console for MTV because it couldn’t play CDs or DVDs like its competitors, making it impossible to use for music and video. which MTV was known for.

8/10 The Art of the Wii

Wii Art Arnold Tsang Design and Biography

Want rare consoles? Well, how about 6 one-of-a-kind Wii designs in the same contest? The Art of Wii was a contest for Canadian Nintendo fans where they could enter one of six giveaways for a uniquely designed Wii.

Each of the 6 Wiis has been given a unique art design by a different artist ranging from cute to cartoon style to abstract and more. The contest made sure to give full credit and promotion to these artists as the site gave a quick biography for each artist, giving them time to shine.

7/10 Gold Zelda GBA

Zelda GBA gold magazine ad

Rarity usually also implies a level of monetary value for something and although this is not always true, it is certainly true when the item in question is gold. A limited edition console possibly lost forever is the Limited Edition 24k Gold Minish Cap GBA SP.

These special GBAs were designed for a magazine contest where readers could find a golden ticket in a Minish Cap GBA set to win a solid 24k gold plated console. Although despite the contest stakes, these consoles are mired in mystery. Although they claim to have been discovered, many are still skeptical that they are fakes as they are made of plastic instead of the claimed gold, with some even wondering if the consoles were actually made. Alas, it’s a mystery that may never be solved.

6/10 Chibi Robot Wii U

Chibi Robot Wii U

There are plenty of ways to get limited-edition consoles off the ground, whether through limited sales, giveaways, giveaways, or contests. While the latter is a bit rarer to see, the results are almost always interesting due to the surrounding circumstances. This is the case of the Chibi Robo Wii U, a special Wii U with a small logo stuck on it in commemoration of those who won it.

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This is another that was only distributed in Japan and barely distributed as it was only given away to three contest winners. This contest was made as a way to promote the new Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder as the game regularly held contests for the Nostaljunk mode, one of the prizes being this unique console! 5 of them would have been donated, but only three have been found so far.

5/10 Hot Summer Donkey Kong DS

Donkey Kong Hot Summer Special Limited Edition 2005 DS

Usually a limited edition design makes sense, either just trying to spruce up the console in general, or advertising a specific game, or being a deal between a company… But sometimes those designs require a little more explanation to make sense. The Hot Summer event was a Club Nintendo event in Japan to encourage more sales and membership with gifts for members.

The highest prize was Hot Summer DS consoles with wireframe designs of Nintendo character heads with the words “Hot Summer”. The rarest and weirdest currently salvaged is the Donkey Kong version, made as a second wave in Europe with Hot Summer replaced by “special limited edition 2005” and these were only given away to celebrities to get some hurry. The other 4 limited special editions cannot be found.

4/10 Mario 64 DS

Mario 64 DS Variant

One-of-a-kind console variants are perhaps the most coveted type, not only by collectors for their rarity, but also by archivists because they are the only ones of their kind. Dealing with these can be stressful because they can be so easily lost over time. This was the case for the Mario 64 DS.

This DS with a design of N64 Mario swimming with bubbles above the console was supposed to be a prize for N-Zone magazine’s 10th anniversary giveaway. But, the Mario 64 DS was considered lost for a while as the giveaway was canceled due to issues in the business. But eventually the console was rediscovered as former members of the magazine had it in their possession and it was given away to be kept and kept safe.

Variant of Link's Awakening Switch

Sometimes a limited edition console doesn’t need a gimmick or ridiculous backstory to be wonderful, sometimes all it takes is solid console design to make it irresistible and make the rarity that much more painful. Because any Zelda fan would probably want to pay extra for this beauty of a limited-edition Nintendo Switch themed after Link’s Awakening.

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Going beyond the paint jobs of many Switch variants, this limited edition transforms the small dock into a large statue with Link standing on the beach in front of the mountain to the giant egg, the Switch itself. nestling nicely between the steps, and the controllers, while mostly unchanged, have a nice finish and additional designs. Unfortunately, only one of them was made as part of a competition organized by the French brand Micromania.

2/10 Playstation Nintendo

Playstation Nintendo

While limited edition consoles are often just redesigns of existing consoles, the Nintendo Playstation is truly a limited edition console. The Nintendo Playstation was originally a partnership between Nintendo and Sony to create a companion CD to the SNES, an uneasy deal struck between them, but just before release the project fell apart.

Nintendo’s then president realized that the deal would give Sony full control and most of the profits over this new Super Disk format. So in response, Nintendo struck a deal with Phillips to resume development of this CD console before ending the Nintendo Playstation project. While the project was considered lost forever, the only existing prototype was found in 2015, making it perhaps the rarest console in the world.

1/10 The Queen’s Golden Wii

Queen Elizabeth's Golden Wii

Another one-of-a-kind variant, this Wii with solid gold plating has quite a story behind it. As part of THQ’s marketing to promote their new game Big Family Games, they decided to send a copy to the Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth herself alongside a solid 24k gold plated Wii. Now, while it would be fun to spread stories about how the Queen was an avid Nintendo fan because of this, there’s no evidence of it other than rumors.

Instead, the console was sent straight back to THQ due to palace regulations and the console was left to rot in the business until it went bankrupt in 2013, but that didn’t cause it to lose. of time as the console ended up passing between collectors, spending the most time with a man named Donny Fillerup until it was finally sold one last time in 2022. Fillerup eventually parted ways with the console for $26,000, saying he wanted to “move on” and just wanted enough money to get his own house and live comfortably, not wanting to rip people off with the estimated $1 million price he would have could put there.

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