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1980s Silent Bloodwash is coming to Nintendo’s consoles next month

A strange eruption!

Today, classic horror movies evoke many charms. The narrative trope carries over into the play, like The Quarry. Bloodwash is another game with a sharp homage to the slasher genre, right down to the intentionally dated visuals.

For the past year, PC gamers have already had Bloodwash on Steam. It was released in September 2021 and released on PC, and developer Puppet Combo just announced a release date for consoles. In October, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox X|S players will be able to play a PS1-like slasher.

The story of Bloodwash is that there is a serial killer, the Womb Ripper, who accompanies pregnant women. Guess what kind of person you play with? Sara is a pregnant woman who does the laundry. Her buildings malfunction, but she is informed of a laundromat nearby.

Bloodwash hits consoles on October 12, but you can pre-order now.

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“THE NIGHT”, from: “Yellow-Stand” September 22, 2022.

The game is a single day, but it’s only an hour. You can’t put this game at full price. You can save it on Xbox or Nintendo Switch for just $10. The graphics can be scary to look at, but fans won’t have to buy gore.

Bloodwash is now available on your PC. It will be in the United States on October 12.

Did you choose to take Bloodwash?