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Amazon Cancels Sudden Restriction on Third-Party Sales of ‘Nintendo Products’ [Updated]

Enlarge / Console game cartridges at RAGE, Record Art Game Emporium, April 4, 2017, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. (photo by Sam Mellish / In pictures via Getty Images) Update, November 1, 5:40 p.m. ET: Almost 24 hours after the report was published below, Amazon responded to our questions about its sudden new restrictions on Nintendo […]

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10 Japanese Games On Nintendo Consoles We Want To Come To North America

Nintendo is one of the oldest names in video game history. Entering the arcade industry after various other business ventures, the gaming giant has helped save the whole industry. With seven home consoles and five portable ecosystems, the Japanese giant has created diverse multi-generational gaming experiences for the world to enjoy. Related: 10 Horror RPGs […]

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Top 13 Best Special Edition Nintendo Consoles You Wish You Owned

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate New 3DS XL This is our first special edition Nintendo console. A fancy Monster Hunter logo would have sufficed for this one. They went the extra mile with this one by adding that texture look all over the outer shell. Best of all, it’s not a truly raised texture that could […]