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2D Slasher-Platformer ‘Moonscars’ released for consoles and PC in September 2022; New trailer

Publisher Humble Games and developer Black Mermaid have announced that their upcoming 2D slasher platformer, Lunar Scarsreleases on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 27, 2022. The title will also join Game Pass and Humble Choice, with the latter explicitly listed as the launch date.

Throughout this brutal experience, players control the clay warrior, Gray Irmam, who seeks to find the sculptor and uncover the secrets surrounding his own existence.

The following main key factors are announced:

  • death shapes you – Before you rise, you must first fall. Transform into a master warrior through a cycle of trials and triumphs.
  • An eerily beautiful world – Explore the shadows and secrets hidden in the moonlight of a non-linear pictorial 2D realm marked by hopelessness and despair.
  • Test your resolution – Sharpen your skills and reflexes in challenging, action-packed battles. Slice and parry with your sword, use unique special weapons and command powerful sorcery.
  • the moon is hungry – Experience an eerie and dark fantasy tale filled with twists and complex world-building. Seek the truth of your creation and be rewarded.
  • Clay, bone and ichor – Witness tales and memories of betrayal, suffering and revenge as Gray Irma and his fellows of flesh and clay search for truth and purpose.

Several screenshots have been shared along with key title art, viewable via our galleries below:

You can see the game’s release date trailer below: