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4 Next-Big-Thing Game Consoles That Failed Hard

In the end, there’s no denying that the Phantom predicted the future of gaming better than even Google would, but Infinium Labs either a little more than they could chew or never really planned to. have a console. They ended up ditching the Phantom altogether and moving to what’s called the “phantom board”, i.e. just a fucking keyboard and mouse setup.

ghost entertainment

They could have at least made a fucking joystick for a video game console.

The last known story about the ghost comes from someone who came across a real prototype of the console, and he claims that, well, it was just a low-end computer inside a shell pissed off from the start.

Polium One, Web 3.0 NFT Ouroboros

What he promised: A dumber version of the Phantom, apparently

What he delivered: Exactly what he promised

the Polium One concept (see the gamecube logo)

Polium One

What’s the next step in evolution in an age where we can actually download hundreds of gigs of games in a day and have PCs that can run games that look better than real life? Well, we need a game console that is less about gaming and more about using the dying NFT market, but of course! Oh, and did we say the designers of Polium don’t care about games? It was a low deception on our part. We apologize. Turns out, yes, they care so much about games, in fact, that Polium’s will have ridiculously impossible specs. On its official website, we can learn that despite having no graphics card, the Polium One will have “4K Ultra HD, TouchID, 8K HDR, Ray Tracing, up to 120 frames per second.”, which means that it will feature both 8K resolution and 4K, for some reason, as well as TouchID, a technology that is owned by Apple. Bold claims, but we’re pretty sure Apple will relent as soon as the folks at Polium assure Apple that the ghost of Steve Jobs has given his blessing.