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5 rare Nintendo consoles, collectible and (really) hard to find

When an unopened copy of 1985’s Super Mario Bros. sold for $ 2 million in a recent auction, it garnered unprecedented attention in the video game market. And as you might expect, these rare games for the Nintendo entertainment system attract super rich fans and collectors, all looking to add to their collections of extremely collectable and valuable vintage games. But Nintendo consoles and games have always been rare and unique, especially special editions. A growing awareness considers that these extremely rare and valuable devices can be collected and displayed as a work of art, driving up the prices of sought-after Nintendo consoles that have been produced in limited quantities. Regardless of their nostalgic appeal, all of these collectible Nintendo consoles (for one reason or another) are ridiculously cool and absurdly expensive.

Nintendo 64 Pikachu Edition

In the 2000s, at the height of Pokémania, Nintendo designed a special-themed N64 around its best-selling IP: Pokémon. It wasn’t just another Nintendo N64 with a Pokémon skin slapped on the console. Instead, the Pikachu N64 consoles featured an embossed Pikachu on the right side up. Pikachu’s cheeks glowed bright red when the system turned red, while his right foot was on the reset button. The lower half of the console was yellow, while the upper half was blue. The special-themed console was an ode to Pokémon, perhaps the most lucrative media franchise of all time. So if you want a piece of Pokemon, this limited edition Nintendo 64 has great nostalgia value. However, finding Pikachu N64 consoles is a challenge as these collectible beauties are north of $ 1200 for sealed units.

Nintendo 64 Pikachu Edition. (Image credit: Amazon UK)

Game Boy Advance SP 24K Gold Edition

Well, if there’s one Nintendo console that’s so hard to find, it’s the GameBoy Advance SP 24k Gold Edition. No, it doesn’t have a price yet. In fact, its existence at one point was shrouded in mystery. When The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap was released in 2004, Nintendo serially produced 25,000 gold Game Boy Advance SP embossed with the Tri-Force logo. These often appear on sites like eBay from time to time. Additionally, Nintendo made seven other 24k gold-plated Special Edition GameBoys, and you could only get your Extremely Rare GBAs by finding a Special Ticket from a Limited Edition Game Bundle that came with the video game and Game. Boy. Advanced SP Console. To this day, no one knows who owns these special solid gold GBAs – and Nintendo has not revealed their identities.

Nintendo GameCube MTV Edition

While the GameCube never managed to beat the PS2 or Xbox in terms of technical prowess, it was a popular console in its day. Nintendo went all out to create the fun character around the GameCube, and its collaboration with MTV resulted in 29 limited edition GameCubes donated to the Xmas Daily Broadcast in 2003. These are extremely rare GameCubes that were produced as part of the promotion, and from five models that were released, one was created by fashion designer Tom Ford while he was still at Gucci. Legendary British designer Paul Smith was also invited to redesign the limited edition GameCube with a unique and colorful look with nods to Smith’s artistic credentials. It’s hard to put a price on these GameCube systems because out of 29 winners, none tried to sell them on eBay.

This limited edition Game Boy Advance was sold at Pokémon Center New York only

Exclusive version of the Pokémon Center Nintendo Game Boy Advance

When the Pokémon Center opened in New York (now renamed Nintendo New York) in 2001, the store released a limited edition Gameboy Advance System. Although this is a standard-looking GBA, it was gold in color with gray buttons and “Pokémon Center New York City” written at the top of the screen, with silhouettes of Pikachu and Pichu next to it. of the Game Boy Advance logo. When it was first introduced, it was priced at $ 80, however, it now sells for between $ 20,000 and $ 25,000 for a packaged unit on eBay. Any serious Nintendo collector needs at least one Special Edition Pokémon console.

Pokemon Limited Edition Game Boy Color

The Game Boy Color was the first true successor to the original Game Boy, and it created ripples when it debuted in 1998. Throughout its lifespan, the handheld received many special edition variations, but the Pokémon-themed Game Boy Colors continue to attract avid collectors for their limited edition and rarity. And one of them is currently listed on eBay for $ 150,000. This special Game Boy Color edition is available in a silver finish, with images of Pikachu and Pichu on the side of the screen. This is a very rare Game Boy Color and finding it in perfect condition is no joke.

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