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7 Billion Humans Product Review

learners can learn to use the tools one by one. But those with no programming experience could do better with the first reception instruction on how programming elements work and an introduction to some of the syntax. Older learners, however, may be able to play and understand. The difficulty of the levels increases quite quickly, so some learners may want to work slowly, or perhaps team up with a more experienced partner.

The website doesn’t appear to have any forums, but a fan community is available on the game’s Steam site if learners get stuck or need additional help. 7 Billion Humans is also available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

7 Billion Humans understands many programming concepts such as basic movement and operations, if/then/else conditional statements, memory, comparisons, loops, etc. Some of the levels also include pre-written code that doesn’t work, and players have to find the errors and fix them (ideally within the given settings). The commands players use do not adhere to a specific programming language, but the concepts can easily be implemented in another language later.

Once they find a successful solution at a level, learners can streamline and improve their code to earn one or both of the optional achievements for each level: use a maximum number of lines of code and have a duration of maximum average execution. Each level has three “rooms” that can contain different coding solutions (learners can copy/paste code from one room to another), so learners won’t lose their original solutions when they try to improve them.

Learners can sometimes access small clues, but they are mostly on their own to solve puzzles, figure out where they went wrong, and correct mistakes. This makes this app more of a puzzle solver than a programming instructionbut advanced learners will be able to pick up the important concepts as they go.


Overall user consensus on the app

Learner engagement

Hilarious storyline, fun puzzles and intriguing gameplay will attract learners interested in puzzles and coding.

Curriculum and Education

The game encourages strategic planning, trial and error, and the creation of lean and efficient code. Learners get instant feedback as they run or run through their programs.

Customer service

The first levels start easily. Basic instructions and guidance help learners get started, but then they are mostly on their own. Available in several languages.