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All Harry Potter games on Nintendo consoles

The history of Harry Potter games on Nintendo could have been very different from today. As we told you at the beginning of 2015 (and it is said quickly), the big N took an interest in acquiring the rights to the license in the late 1990s. Unseen64, a portal specializing in collecting stories that could and did not come to fruition, revealed this failed negotiation that made it impossible for the Japanese company to launch games of the character. However, as you will see below, this did not prevent up to 4 Nintendo consoles host magical license titles.

Since the GameCube, with the exception of the Wii U, the Harry Potter games have held true to their date with Nintendo.

GameCube (5 games)

GameCube was the company’s first home console to receive one of many titles from the most famous wizard. With The Philosopher’s Stone, Electronic Arts launched the brand. This version, adapted to the new generation consoles (GC, PS2 and the first Xbox) differed a lot from those existing on PC and portable Nintendo (GBA and GBC). Moreover, according to his note of metacriticalthe GameCube edition was the most competent of the new despite his low average of 62. With The Chamber of Secretsthe sequel that touches the 80s, the story would be very different.

These first two deliveries were followed The Prisoner of Azkaban, for many the most competent delivery of the license. Refined gameplay, castle exploration, increased collectibles, and the ability to switch characters have made the third title fondly remembered by users. After him, it was the turn of The goblet of fire, the last main game of the license on GameCube. With that, the top three formula was broken and they opted for introduce separate levels. In addition, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, protagonists of the films, took center stage. Unfortunately, neither reviewers nor users were very convinced and, as you’ll see below, they took notes for future projects.

Finally, the GameCube received Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cupa spin off focused on this magic world sport.

Wii (4 games)

The maturity of the saga came up against the most successful console of the big N. Unfortunately, as you will see below, the games of Harry Potter they were not up to what Nintendo offered. In the successor to the GameCube, a system capable of comfortably overcoming the 100 million users, Electronic Arts has released up to 4 titles of the character. First, The order of the Phoenix, chose for the first time to introduce the open world within the saga. And, although he far surpassed his predecessor and is fondly remembered by many, he didn’t have that affection that the first three deliveries amassed.

after him came The mystery of the prince, another adventure that bets on the immensity and possibilities of Hogwarts. Its continuity and lack of innovation ended up punishing it in reviews and sales, being one of the first big bumps in a license that came to less. In fact, the poor reception extended to both parts of The Deathly Hallows, titles that the press did not hesitate to suspend. Unfortunately for them, the last two numbered parts of the series have the dubious honor of being the only ones not to pass. Nevertheless, a well-known Danish company managed to save the furniture.

LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 Yes Years 5-7 they arrived in 2010 and 2011 on Wii. Lack of originality and failed mainline bets hit squarely with the pleasure of these proposals. Its success was such that the first part, in one year with proposals such as Super Mario Galaxy 2 Is The Return of Donkey Kong Country, managed to sneak into the top 25 Wii titles of 2010. Without a doubt, LEGO Adventures fit like a glove to a saga that has shown a lot of wear and tear. So much so, in fact, we had to wait a decade to see new games of Harry Potter on Nintendo consoles.

Nintendo Switch (2 games)

At the moment, the hybrid console has two titles of the magic license. However, it should be emphasized that one is lego collection released on Wii and another, at least for now, has not debuted. However, the wait Hogwarts Legacy is so big that the community has already started looking for theories and connections. While waiting for more details, after more than a decade of absence, it is logical that the fans of the character are overexcited. In the end, with a few honorable exceptions, the games of Harry Potter have always offered a different touch to Nintendo consoles.

And you, do you remember it fondly? Have you had the opportunity to play them? We read you in the comments.