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All product videos shared by Apple today

Apple made a series of product announcements at its Peek Performance event on Tuesday, March 8.

Below, we’ve collected all the videos of Apple promoting its new releases, as well as a video from the event itself, which lasted almost an hour.

The first is the new iPhone SE, which represents the third iteration of Apple’s budget handset, although the new model has a price hike over the last. While the physical design remains the same, the technology powering the device has been upgraded, a point that Apple’s 38-second ad highlights in its own creative way.

Those hoping for an all-in-one iMac Pro will have been disappointed today. Instead, Apple unveiled the Mac Studio desktop and a separate 27-inch Studio 5K display. Aimed at professionals who want something considerably more powerful than the 24-inch iMac launching in 2021, the combo is an impressive offering, although some screen elements may disappoint.

Apple also unveiled the M1 Ultra, its most power-efficient chip to date. The M1 Ultra can be used to power the Mac Studio for fast processing and graphics performance. In the announcement below, Apple presents various lyrical creations about the new technology after taking it for a test drive. “Everything flows naturally,” said one of them. “The 20-core processor, 64-core GPU, 128GB of unified memory, and 114 billion transistors are just a few of the reasons this chip will enable developers and other professional users to create amazing things.” , said Apple.

According to Apple’s announcement, the upgraded 10.9-inch iPad Air is the first in the line to feature the company’s powerful M1 chip, the same chip as the iPad Pro. The fifth generation of Apple’s mid-range tablet also made significant improvements to its front-facing camera, paving the way for better-looking FaceTime calls (for the person on the other end) and selfies. Apple’s 95-second animated ad touches on all of these features, plus several more.

The iPhone 13 Pro now comes in a new Alpine Green color, while the iPhone 13 also adds a green version to its current color lineup. Apple’s announcement highlighting the new look somehow spans 38 seconds. It’s cleverly made and very, very green. It also features the message “Now in green”, because, well, that’s it.

As promised, here’s Apple’s Peek Performance event in full.

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