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Analyst predicts PS5 price increase ‘will have minimal impact on console sales’

William D’Angelo
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of Ampere Games Research Director Piers Harding-Rolls has predicted that PlayStation 5 price increases in some markets will have minimal impact on console sales due to the limited supply.

“While we believe some consumers who have tried to buy a PS5 without success, or saved up to buy the console just in time for the price to rise, the strong pent-up demand for Sony’s device means that this increase A price drop of around 10% in most markets will have minimal impact on console sales,” Harding-Rolls said. “We expect Sony’s sales guidance for the PS5 to remain unchanged.”

He added that there is currently no indication that the price of Xbox Series X consoles | S would increase. He expects Microsoft to take advantage of the price difference to increase the value of the Xbox Series X|S.

“At this point, there is no indication that Microsoft will raise prices for the Xbox Series console,” he said. “Without a doubt, Microsoft will take advantage of Sony’s increase to get its ‘value’ message across, especially around Xbox Series S, Game Pass and its All Access offering as we enter shopping season. As such, this decision gives Microsoft some edge.”

An analyst predicts that the increase in the price of the PS5

He added: “Given that the PS5 has been severely limited since launch, with many consumers unable to purchase Sony’s latest console, and the fact that Microsoft has yet to show any indication increase in its Xbox Series prices, there is no doubt that this price increase will have been a difficult decision to make.

“However, with inflation and price increases being felt through the component supply chain, much of which is denominated in US dollars, as well as continued high distribution costs, Sony has now had to pass some of those cost increases to try to keep its hardware profitable.It follows price increases in the consumer electronics sector, including Meta’s Oculus Quest 2, which saw an increase $100 in early August.

“While far-reaching, the PS5 price increases are relatively nuanced and occurring in markets where the impact is felt the most with an added layer of pressure from the strength of the US dollar. The price increases will take place in at least 45 global markets, but not in the United States, again due to the strength of the US dollar The United States is the largest console market in the world, and that’s where Sony is the most competing with Microsoft for market share.

PS5 price has increased in Europe, UK, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico and Canada.

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