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Arceus sales could be enough to make it a series

Pokemon Legends: Arceus took fans of the franchise by storm when it was first revealed, and that hype continued when it finally released in January 2022. This is due to a mix of an innovative gameplay loop and the possibility freely explore sections of the game’s maps, simulating what it’s like to play in a fully open world Pokemon game could be. Fans won’t have to wait long to do so, because pokemon scarlet and Purple will be the first in the series to also feature free open-world exploration and co-op, setting a unique precedent for the franchise.


The same technology could be used to make another Legends game further down the line, and sales of Pokemon Legends: Arceus point out that fans would most likely understand that as well – perhaps by turning Pokemon Legends in an idea that could possibly encompass all generations. Pokemon Legends: Arceus sold over 12 million copies as of March 2022, according to a Nintendo report, and it currently ranks third in terms of best-selling games of the year. Sales alone would be enough to justify a series of Pokemon Legends games, although pokemon scarlet and Purple end up blowing Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ sales out of the water.

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Why Pokemon Legends: Arceus Should Spawn A Series

According to the sales charts, Pokemon Legends: Arceus just follow Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and Ring of Elden in terms of 2022 sales, the latter having effortlessly taken the top spot thanks to the hype train that led to its release. The Pokemon Company has transformed games like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon in a series, which had much lower numbers than Pokemon Legends: Arceusso it makes sense that the latter would spawn at least a sequel or two.

A Pokemon Legends the series could work with existing Legendary and Mythical Pokemon, like Pokemon Legends: Arceus started with the creator of all pocket monsters, per game lore. For example, a Gen 5 Pokemon Legends The game could explore the mythos of the original dragon, a creature that supposedly embodied both Zekrom and Reshiram, with the residual energy created by them splitting into two bringing Kyurem to life. Gen 5 would also make a lot of sense as the next Pokemon Legends game considering Pokemon Legends: Arceus included many references to Black and White.

On top of that, a Gen 5 Pokemon Legends the game could be released after the remakes of Pokemon Black and White if The Pokemon Company follows the same strategy as pokemon shiny diamond and shiny pearl and Pokemon Legends: Arceus. However, there are many other ways to Pokemon Legends games to follow, like a game set in Johto, deepening either the lore of the trio of legendary beasts or that of Celebi. With multiple possibilities for each generation of Pokemon games, making it a series would be a great idea, especially if the capture mechanics of Pokemon Legends: Arceus are taken up.

In fact, seeing the same system for capturing Pokemon Legends: Arceus in a fully explorable open world that feels more like Gen 9 than Hisui regions, might be one of the most interesting experiences in the Pokemon franchise as a whole. This could allow The Pokemon Company to reinvent past regions and create something new with each. Legends Game. While it’s understandable that developing other games might be the priority, this is a huge opportunity for The Pokemon Company, and the sales numbers prove it.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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