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Bike Mechanic Simulator 2023 announced for consoles and PC — MP3 and PNJ

Bike Mechanic Simulator 2023 will be unveiled on consoles and PC.

The title is developed by Punch Punk SA (Apocalipsis: Harry at the end of the world and This is the zodiac speaking) published by Manager Games SA (Automotive Mechanical Manager and Hotel Dracula). In the game, players will learn the basics of being a bike mechanic while trying to run a successful store. The game will feature a story mode and a sandbox mode, so players can choose to follow an intriguing story or venture into their own world without story restrictions. A trailer can be viewed below.

Manager Games SA CEO Tomasz Sobiecki had this to say about the title:

“This is the first project of its kind in the game industry. We greatly appreciate realistic and relaxing gameplay. We approach the mapping of specific bike parts and repair processes with an excellent level of detail. That said, in some ways Bike Mechanic Simulator 2023 will also be simplified, as we want to provide players with a high level of gameplay.

Bike Mechanic Simulator 2023 will be a complete and elaborate game. Of course, diagnostics and repairs are the main elements of this, but at the same time the player will have to see that his workshop is growing and that everything is going well. We also have some great opportunities to test bikes in store for you – they’re bound to diversify the gameplay even further.

Bike Mechanic Simulator 2023 will arrive in early 2023 on PC via Steam. The game will arrive later that year on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. The game can be listed on Steam right now.