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Black Friday 2022 graphics card deals – what to expect from the sales

Black Friday graphics card deals this year are extremely difficult to predict. With the release of the Series 40 on the horizon, it’s unclear whether or not there will be any price drops on the older generation Series 30.

If last year is anything to go by, we probably won’t see discounts on one of the best graphics cards for gaming, but rather on older models. The 10-series cards have been discounted at several retailers, which are, despite their age, reliable cards suitable for those new to PC gaming and not expecting to play many high-end titles.

If you’re hoping to get your hands on a new graphics card this Black Friday, a better option for you might be to take a look at Black Friday gaming PC deals. We are more likely to see discounts on pre-built machines during this sales period as demand for them is lower. All in all, this is a much easier way to upgrade, and it means you might still be able to pick up some of the best gaming PCs for a bargain price.

Black Friday GPU deals: FAQs

When will the Black Friday graphics card deals start?

This year, Black Friday will fall on November 25. While we don’t know what deals we’ll see, it’s possible there will be price drops on the 20 and 30-series cards as the shiny new 40-series will hit the shelves.

Where will the best Black Friday graphics card deals be?

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know if any of the popular online retailers are planning restocks of the RTX 30 or AMD Radeon 6000 series right now before Black Friday. However, we’re hoping, given the rumors that Nvidia might be resurrecting the RTX 2060, that previous-gen GPUs might be cheaper than what we’ve seen throughout 2022 so far. That’s what you can currently expect from all the biggest players on Black Friday right now.

With the new 40-series cards being added so close to sales as well, it makes us even more uncertain as to what deals we’ll see. That could mean price cuts on the 30 series, if major retailers stock the cards.

Average prices of current-gen RTX and GTX graphics cards (opens in a new tab)
Best buy: Decent prices available on latest generation AMD Radeon GPUs (opens in a new tab)
New egg: Few discounts or savings, but stock RTX-30 is in (opens in a new tab)
Walmart: Limited supply with a focus on entry-level and mid-level cards (opens in a new tab)

Fair pricing on select RTX 20-series and older GPU models (opens in a new tab)
eBuyer: Decent, if still excessive, pricing on RTX 30-series cards (opens in a new tab)
Curry: AMD Radeon 6000 Series and RTX Expected Prices (opens in a new tab)
Direct Laptops: Minor savings on AMD Radeon and older Nvidia GPUs (opens in a new tab)
CCL computers: Fairer pricing on RTX and GTX graphics cards than most (opens in a new tab)

Why is it so hard to buy a GPU right now?

This is a simple and understandable question related to Black Friday graphics cards with a rather complicated answer, so bear with us. There are two main reasons it’s so hard to buy a GPU right now, and they go back to those age-old principles of supply and demand. First, graphics card supply, which has been severely constrained by pandemic-related component issues. GPUs are demanding and complex electronic components, and they require all sorts of different parts from all over the place to be created – if manufacturers can’t get enough of those parts, they can’t make enough boards.

The second reason it can be very difficult to find a Black Friday graphics card deal is because the demand on GPUs is so high. PC gaming continues to grow in popularity, and many gamers want the highest quality visuals possible, leading to a corresponding growth in demand for graphics cards. But on top of that, the same cards are also being used en masse to generate cryptocurrency and other related businesses, which themselves are booming. All in all, it’s a perfect storm resulting in empty GPU shelves around the world.

Will graphics card prices drop on Black Friday?

We wish we could give you an unequivocal and enthusiastic “yes”! on this one, but the reality is murkier. In short, no, Black Friday graphics card deals probably won’t include significant price drops on graphics cards, at least not on the latest models that everyone wants. Don’t let that put you off, though – there might still be savings to be found for intrepid deal hunters. They will likely come in the form of bundles.

Retailers often bundle hot-priced items like Black Friday graphics card deals with other semi-related items, such as SSDs or RAM. The reasons for this are two-fold: first, it helps combat scalpers to some extent, as the extra item reduces their profit margins and adds more logistical overhead. Second, it helps the retailer move more inventory that might otherwise remain with items flying off the shelves.

The good news is that these bundled items are often will be receive a discount. If you also need the extra element besides the GPU, you just saved money overall! Even if you don’t need it, the discount means you have a good chance of selling it used and making a difference later.

Black Friday graphics card deals

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Is it worth waiting for Black Friday to buy a graphics card?

This is where the answer becomes complex. If you’ve come across a reliable retailer restocking the likes of the RTX 30 series for their MSRP before the sale event, then you absolutely shouldn’t wait until Black Friday because not only is stock not guaranteed, but all that appears. is not likely to be reduced below retail price. However, if you haven’t had a chance at all to get your hands on a new video card, there’s no harm in waiting until Black Friday and waiting to see if any restocks of the RTX-30 series or AMD Radeon RX 6000 cards are available.

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