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Cross Buy Fairy Elements on all major consoles

KEMCO proudly announces the release of Fairy Elements for Xbox consoles, including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows 10 devices, Steam, PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 (supporting Cross-Buy) and Nintendo Switch system ready to reach every showcase region today. The standard price is $14.99. Please visit each storefront for available introductory promotions.

Yamato is a royal knight, fighting to protect the peace of his kingdom. His sword is imbued with the mysterious power of Matter. Together with his attendant, a female knight called Orka, he saved his kingdom from a crisis. However, in the battle, he was somehow transported to a world 200 years in the future.

Use resources to fortify weapons and armor! Increase item performance and create all-new weapons and armor. When you change weapons and armor, items also look different in battles! Some items have unusual appearances, so try to collect the full set!

Battles begin when you come into contact with an enemy moving through the terrain or enter an enemy’s line of sight. The game features fiery battles, so satisfying to play, with smooth animation, the Material Gun which can deliver deadly blows, a lot of vivid and sparkling skill effects, etc.

Plus, with action repeat and an auto mode, you’ll be amazed at how simple the combat controls are. It is possible to continue the adventure avoiding enemies, so give it a try if you want to finish the game quickly.

The game features a special mode where you can fight anywhere and anytime to get resources to fortify yourself. If you have just a little free time, you can easily build up your resources.

The higher the difficulty level of the battle, the easier it is to get resources. Master increasingly difficult battles and fortify your weapons and armor!

The game has many other elements, such as the cauldron system, which makes it easy to increase the base attack strength of a weapon, dungeons filled with incredibly powerful enemies, and more.

Fortify your weapons to make them as powerful as possible, then travel to the ends of the earth in search of adventure!