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Darwin’s Paradox will be ZeDrimeTim Studio’s first project on PC and consoles

Bringing together recognized video game professionals such as Romuald Capron, former studio director of Arkane Lyon (Death Loop, Dishonored), Cédric Lagarrigue, founder and former CEO of Focus Home Interactive editions, associated with two talents, Mika Tanguy and Gilles Aujard, from the world of visual effects in cinema and animation, ZeDrimeTim aims to bridge skills in animated feature films and video games.

Darwin’s paradox is a platform and adventure game for PC and console. He draws his influences from the standards of the genre led by the Playdead studios (On the inside, Limbo) or Tarsier Studios (little nightmares), and bringing a new proposal full of humor, and influenced by the golden age of science fiction of the 1950s and the 3D animated feature films of today. Developed in the new Unreal Engine 5, it will be released on PC and consoles in 2024.

Mika Tanguy, CEO of ZeDrimeTim, who has overseen the visual effects of numerous films and collaborated with top directors, comments:

“Feature films and animation increasingly use video game tools such as Unreal Engine. The goal of the ZeDrimeTim studio is unique and original: to bring together artists from cinema and animation, as well as talents from video game around authentic productions.

Romuald Capron, former studio director of Arkane Lyon is part of this adventure as associate and executive producer:

“After an already busy career in video games, I wanted to get involved in a project on a human scale. I was immediately drawn to the art direction and gameplay mechanics of Darwin’s Paradox and I’m really excited to help the ZeDrimeTim team turn that vision into a game with a strong identity.

Cédric Lagarrigue, founder of the publisher Focus Home Interactive, which he directed for twenty years:

“I have been fortunate in my career to discover and support studios and their games which, despite their limited budgets, have become great successes. Darwin’s paradox contains the ingredients that fall into this category. The excellent prototype playability and the positioning of the studio convinced me to invest in the project and accompany the team in this exciting adventure.

Fundraising was carried out to allow the young studio to benefit from the financial base necessary for the pre-production and production phases, the launch of Darwin’s paradox. This fundraiser brought together the four partners, business angels from the Entertainment, Video Game and Finance sectors as well as Bpifrance, the French Sovereign Fund.