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Discontinued Nintendo consoles and Raspberry Pis

Nintendo has abandoned a classic game console. It’s a shame, yes, but with the release of Nintendo’s new game console, they probably have bigger fish to fry. That doesn’t mean those abandoned Nintendo consoles will die a slow, miserable death locked in a closet; at least one of them will live with the heart of a Raspberry Pi.

This is a project [Liam] has been working since 2012, right after getting the first edition of the Raspberry Pi. While some people were looking to squeeze the Pi inside a Nintendo entertainment system or Super Nintendo entertainment system, [Liam] decided to embed the Pi in a console of a more recent vintage: the Nintendo GameCube.

The first phase of this project was to simply run the Pi inside the non-functional GameCube case that it recovered. The power supply for this console was well designed, and after a quick read of the online documentation, [Liam] found a stable 5V with enough amps to power the Pi. After ripping out the inside of this console using a quickly hacked “Nintendo screwdriver”, [Liam] had a perfectly functioning Pi encased in a Nintendo chassis.

Time passed and after a while the Raspberry Pi 2 was released. At that time, retro emulation hit the general public, and [Liam] decided it was time for an upgrade. He took that Nintendo console apart again, routed new wires and inputs to the original controller ports, and used a Dremel to route a few holes for the HDMI and SD card slot.

With the addition of some USB controllers inspired by SNES, RetroPi and some ROMs, [Liam] has a wonderful console full of classic emulation goodness, packaged in a case that Nintendo no longer makes.

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