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Editorial Office: New Product Week; iPad Air 5, Mac Studio, iPhone SE, etc.

Source: Luke Filipowicz / iMore

There are very few days more exciting at iMore, and for Apple fans everywhere, than the day of a new product launch. Last Friday, March 18, was the official launch of all the products announced by Apple at its event earlier this month. This means that a new iPhone SE, the iPad Air 5, the brand new Mac the Mac Studio and a new monitor called the Studio Display have officially been released in the wild.

Naturally, the last few weeks have been all about the new products, but now that they’re finally here, there’s been a ton of feedback, so let’s get to it!

iPhone SE 3 (2022)

For anyone who doesn’t like paying $800 to $1000 for an iPhone or anyone who loves small iPhones with Touch ID, the iPhone SE 3 is here to make you happy.

Much like the previous iPhone Se before it, it features the same old design you know and love (or hate), but this time Apple’s new A-series chip powers the device. The A15 Bionic is the exact same chip that powers the current iPhone 13 lineup, so you know the iPhone SE has the brains and brawn to perform all your iPhone tasks with ease.

It also included 5G compatibility, but only for Sub-6 and not mmWave, which means it can’t take advantage of the best 5G networks but it will still be faster than 4G LTE connections.

I don’t want to spoil the iPhone SE 3 too much, because our own Christine will have a review of the device this week. So stay tuned to iMore to see if it thinks the new SE is worth the new $429 price tag.

iPad Air 5

iPad Air 5 Apple MusicSource: Luke Filipowicz / iMore

The iPad Air finally got the upgrade we’ve been waiting for. In fact, I had the chance to see it again – I love it.

The M1 chip brings all the power and performance you could expect from an iPad; it may even be a bit exaggerated. Still, all GPU-intensive tasks like heavy photo editing, music production, or even 3D animation can be tackled on the iPad Air 5. Nothing I threw at it was too much to handle, and it kept me moving all the way through iPadOS 15. so smooth.

The front camera is now a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera featuring the center stage, which is a very noticeable upgrade over the previous model. The picture is crystal clear and I’ve been thrilled with Center Stage since it was first introduced, so I’m glad to see the iPad Air 5 finally has a front-facing camera that doesn’t suck.

While I strongly suggest reading my full iPad Air 5 review, here’s the gist.

The iPad Air 5 has the almighty trifecta that every tech user wants; power, performance and reasonable price. It’s hard not to recommend the iPad Air 5 as the best iPad for most people, especially if you want to keep it for several years. The M1 packs so much power that it’ll likely keep your workflow going at a steady pace for years to come, making it a great tablet for anyone looking to upgrade an older model.

Still, while the M1 is impressive and the iPad Air 5 functions very similarly to the iPad Pro, there are still only features on the iPad Pro. Whether it’s the Thunderbolt port that enables faster data transfer speeds, the ProMotion display that makes the screen much smoother and enhances the visuals, the best speaker array that gets louder than the Air, or simply more storage options, there are just some things that iPad Air doesn’t offer.

Mac Studio and Studio Display

Apple surprised us at this year’s spring event when it came to the Mac section of the presentation, as they announced a brand new computer. Things got even more interesting Apple announced that the Mac Studio would be the first Mac to use the new M1 Ultra chip, the fastest and most powerful chip in the M1 series to date.

As Mac Studio reviews rolled in, we saw plenty of positive feedback online, although some reviewers were very concerned about the secure box. There seems to be no way to open it yourself, which means it may not be possible to get inside to clean the fan inside. Apple isn’t exactly known for making its Macs easy to fix, but keeping the M1 Ultra cool is imperative for maximum performance.

Seems like a bit of a faux pas on Apple’s part, but maybe with the AppleCare+ service, getting your Mac cleaned often won’t be a big deal.

Perhaps more shocking were the reactions to the Studio Display, which appear to be mixed.

Many reviewers mention that the lack of a 120Hz refresh rate is a bit of a miss, but some reviewers failed to mention that 5K displays at 120Hz just aren’t possible with current technology. If you were hoping for a 120Hz display from Apple, you’d be disappointed, but Apple’s displays are super sharp and crisp, and 60Hz is a reasonable refresh rate for many uses.

Biggest mistake is the included webcam, which I’ve seen reviews in pictures and video, looks pretty bad. Apple said there was a software bug that seemed to be causing a problem, and considering how the monitor itself has an A13 chip to handle the camera and other things, it’s totally fine possible that is true. Hopefully a software update is released sooner rather than later so we can see what kind of difference it makes.

More info as we go deeper

As always, we at iMore are working hard to test these products and discover even more about the new devices. With more reviews coming this week and new developer betas for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, and Apple Watch on the way, I’m sure there will be plenty of exciting news to discuss for quite some time!

Had a good time!

– Luke