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Fast & Furious Crossroads Merchandise Sales Will “End” Next Month

Fast & Furious Crossroads will be out of the market soon

Fast & Furious Crossroads will be removed from sale next month. Publisher Bandai Namco has confirmed to the gaming public that “all product sales will end” on April 29.

Luckily for those who have digital copies of the game, it will remain in their library and “may be re-uploaded in the future.” “All DLC purchased before April 29, 2022 can still be used after this date“, the developers announcement. “The online modes of the game will also remain active.

Fast & Furious Crossroads was launched in the game market in August 2020. This indicates that it has only been less than two years since its official release. However, the developers have already decided to stop its sales.

The gaming public is well aware that a halt in sales is often a precursor to an eventual server shutdown. This is the first phase of what developers usually call “end of life.“That said, it’s safe to say that Fast & Furious Crossroads had a very short life in the market.

Fast & Furious Crossroads was developed by Slightly Mad Studios. According to their description of the game, it is a “Team-based vehicular heist action game set in the adrenaline-fueled Fast & Furious universe.

It has a story mode that features characters from movies. Examples of these celebrities are Tyrese Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez and, of course, Vin Diesel. They reprized their roles as Roman, Letty, and Dom, respectively.

Unfortunately, the game Connection Failure with the sequel to the theatrical franchise. This is mainly due to rote gameplay which did not allow players to enjoy the cars. The game simply had them drive from place to place on a linear path. A strange waterfall will eventually interrupt their driving.

Moreover, the game has also received a lot of negative reviews from critics in the gaming industry. It even got fourth place on Metacritic’s Lowest Rated Games of 2020.

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