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Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Tops UK Sales

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes was another attempt to bring the style of Warriors games to the Fire Emblem franchise, and as a result, fans hoped that, unlike Hyrule Warriors, the second time would be the charm. The game would follow the story setting of Fire Emblem Three Houses, but change the intent and overall storyline to create something unique (much like what happened with Age of Calamity). And while we don’t have the full numbers yet, we can say the game is doing very well in Japan.

According to the latest reports, Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is No. 1 in the UK sales charts, and equally impressive is the first Warriors game to EVER reach that mark. So maybe the fans really wanted to join in, or at the very least give it a shot. I hope we will have the sales figures soon.

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