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“For a consumer product like The Lord of the Rings, you want to do retail”

Although major AAA titles are doing an increasingly large share of their sales digitally (68% of Elden Ring’s launch sales were digital in the UK, for example), there is still value in retail for consumer IPs, says Jonas Hüsges, Daedalic’s chief publishing officer.

In an interview with At Gamescom today, Hüsges spoke about the importance of meeting audiences where they are with his upcoming title The Lord of the Rings: Gollum – and that also means in-store, where you can potentially attract new audiences who will not know the game necessarily but will recognize the IP address.

“With great consumer IP, you want to hit the shelves, and we’re hearing positive feedback from retailers as well,” he said. “They understand that it’s a brand that they [can] brought to the fore in their stores and it will resonate with people who are just walking around as they immediately understand what they are getting and what the product is. »

Daedalic was acquired by Nacon at the beginning of the year, which has historical know-how in retail. Hüsges explained that Gollum’s co-publishing with Nacon will help its retail strategy.

“Gollum is obviously a much bigger project than our publishing titles, which is why we felt it was appropriate to co-publish it with a company like Nacon which has a lot of experience in this specific area,” said- he declared. “We stopped doing retail a couple of years ago in early 2019. We used to, obviously it’s also in our DNA, but for indie games, $20 [physical] games don’t make as much sense anymore. So we completely stopped doing that.

“But for a consumer product like The Lord of the Rings, you want to be in retail, you want to be in stores, you want to be where the audience is. And so, for [Gollum]it was logical for us to find a very strong partner in this world and Nacon, because they also manufacture accessories, will always have this imprint.”

Gollum was originally slated for release on September 1 but was delayed “a few months” earlier this year.

Keep an eye out for our full interview with Jonas Hüsges later this month.