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Furry RTS Warpaws announced for PC and consoles

Fulqrum Publishing announced paws of wara furry RTS game inspired by classics of the genre.

paws of war releasing in 2023 for Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series XIS.

paws of war is a colorful and comedic classic-inspired RTS where armies of dogs wage war against cats with over-the-top WWII-style technology and weaponry. The game promises to have a fairly accessible learning curve for beginners, but enough tactical depth to keep veteran RTS fans engaged.

Players will capture objective points, expand their base, and recruit armies of furry soldiers and quirky tanks. paws of war features 5 different environmental biomes, each with unique hazards that can be used to tip the scales in your favor.

You can find the trailer below.

You can find a preview (via Steam) below:

Which is better, cats or dogs?
Warpaws is a real-time strategy game where cats and dogs battle it out in a lightweight alternate world using WWII-inspired weaponry. Wage all-out war, shown through the lens of classic cartoon-inspired art with slapstick humor. Will you achieve military perfection or will your soldiers have a hard day in hell?

Inspired by the legendary Z
Unleash strategic carnage across five battle-torn biomes. Deploy spies for stealthy confrontations, dispatch bazooka-wielding soldiers to dominate sand dune skirmishes, or assemble a mix of gunners, engineers, and flaming pyros to suit any engagement. Each unit is autonomous; instead of replacing them with direct upgrades, all characters have their own specialties.

Primary goal: Have fun!
Fight in a single-player campaign or compete against other players in a variety of multiplayer modes. Call on a trusted ally and take down AI forces in co-op mode, compete in online matches against modes, or become the king of the hill champion. Master each map type – Desert, Polar, Lava, City, Islands – and take advantage of their different terrains. Destroy frozen lakes to drown platoons, lead your opponents into snowstorms or even trick them into swimming with sharks.

Main characteristics

  • FUN as a priority, both in gameplay and in art style
  • Play as cats or dogs
  • Deep tactical gameplay that’s easy to learn and hard to master
  • Focus on unit management, no resources or complicated base building
  • Capturing strategic points on the map unlocks new units and other benefits
  • Destructible environment elements
  • Environmental hazards that can turn the tide of battle
  • Comprehensive single-player campaign featuring animated comedy cutscenes
  • Various multiplayer modes including co-op, PvP skirmishes and King of the Hill