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Gamer presents a collection of framed and mounted consoles

With Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo dominating the console market in recent years, it can be easy to lose sight of how many other companies have supplied gaming systems to the industry. Even one of these three names has experienced this, because from the GameCube to the Wii, there are a plethora of consoles that, after so many years, have been largely forgotten by gamers. Now, as systems like the Nintendo Switch Lite and the Steam Deck are delivered to gamers, one fan is showing their love for some of the classic gaming consoles.


The latest consoles from Microsoft and PlayStation are capable of delivering incredible performance and all take advantage of the latest and most advanced game engines. But gaming icons of the past have achieved legendary status for a reason, and one fan decided to display all of their favorite consoles in an interesting way.

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Reddit user the-Roop recently posted an image to the Gaming sub-reddit that shows six game consoles all mounted and framed side-by-side. From the Xbox 360 and its game to the Sega Dreamcast, the screen showcases some of the most popular gaming consoles. The distinct designs of each system, as well as the way the devices are mounted, make the consoles instantly recognizable to any gaming fan. Of course, the different sizes of the consoles present challenges when it comes to trying to mount them evenly.

The screen also highlights the PlayStation 3, GameCube and Super Nintendo. Each console includes the system itself, the controller that comes with it, and a disc or game cartridge. The screen showcases some important moments in the history of the gaming industry. industry. Nintendo’s consoles, for example, have become infinitely more versatile since the release of the Super Nintendo. Indeed, as the gaming industry becomes more popular and expansive, gamers can look forward to even more inventive consoles in the future.

But the display by the-Roop doesn’t really matter. Rather, the consoles risen are a glimpse into the history of gaming content. As the community approaches a year filled with highly anticipated titles and new technology makes gaming easier than ever, fans can expect seeing gaming giants push the boundaries of gaming. Of course, innovation is no guarantee of success, and some of the classic systems framed in the display on Reddit are still as fun to use today as they are. were when they were initially released so many years ago.

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