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Gamers Call Trombone Champion On Consoles After Steam Success

While music games have become a dying genre lately, the world’s first trombone-based rhythm music game seems to completely ignore this theory. Came out just five days ago, trombone champion appeared in the top five selling games on Steam and is becoming so popular that gamers are now demanding the game be released on consoles.

Where can I play Trombone Champ?

Trombone Champ is currently available on Steam, where it ranks in the bestseller chart at number five behind much bigger titles like Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, FIFA 23 and Cyberpunk 2077. The game is compatible with Steam Deck where it can be played with gyroscope functionality, but the game is not available on consoles. ResetEra gamers hope this will come to devices like Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X in the future | S and the Xbox One, although developer Holy Wow has not announced any plans for this so far.

While console releases aren’t in the game’s immediate future, Holy Wow revealed the game’s content roadmap for their immediate priorities, all of which they hope to be completed by this year. Along with bug fixes and things like “little song tweaks”, these are:

  • Track enhancements of the selected screen: Added metadata such as tempo + song length, as well as the ability to sort tracks by difficulty, name, etc.

  • Accessibility: Added ability to reduce blinking, colors, background motion, etc. Also, start adding controller support + alternative control methods.

  • More songs: Free bundles of new songs, most likely released in groups of three. Each bundle will contain an “easy” song, to make the new player’s experience easier.

  • Score graph: Optional “pop-up” graph on the score screen that shows how you performed throughout the lane.

  • Better widescreen support: Enhance the gaming experience with ultra-widescreen monitors.

  • Preparation for localization: Updated the code base so that support for additional languages ​​can be added.

  • Mac and Steam platform: Investigate the viability of a Mac version and possibly improve the SteamDeck experience.

In other news, more Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands games are coming after the game’s unexpected success. Elsewhere, reports claim Fortnite leaks are a ‘logistical headache’ for Epic Games.