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Genshin Impact’s Cyno Debut Leads To Record Sales

Sumeru Akademiya’s General Mahamatra is the new hotness.

Cyno is the latest hotness for Genshin Impact. Sumeru Akademiya’s General Mahamatra is the first five-star character to come Genshin Impact 3.1and its beginnings became strong.

First, a little explanation. Genshin ImpactMonetization system comes in the form of wish banners. Players “wish” on specific banners to get new characters and weapons. Along with Weapon Event Wishes and Standard Wishes, Character Event Wishes are the most anticipated updates for Genshin Impact. The character event wish is tied to a limited time character event, which is the only time you need to attract a specific character. Although HoYoverse sometimes brings back a previously revealed character in a throwback event, most of the time the initial character events are the only time you can pull those characters out.

Did I mention gacha? Yes, character events and weapon events are subject to HoYoverse’s own gacha system. Genshin ImpactGacha incorporates a pity mechanic, which means the game increases the rates at which you can obtain a character or weapon after spending a specified amount of money. Still, it’s quite common for players to fail to draw their favorite characters before these events are over. You can spend money for the sole purpose of trying to win over these characters, even triggering the pity mechanic, and failing to do so. And of course, five star characters like Cyno and Venti are in high demand due to their high-level abilities that make gameplay easier. Ironically, they also make the best characters for earning resources to earn other characters too.

On Cyno’s debut day, Cyno and returning character Venti earned $4,235,995 in event banners. This compares favorably to Venti’s solo rerun, which made $5,29,515 on day one. Of course, this is an auspicious start for Genshin Impact 3.1and indicates that Genshin Impact overall, it still has plenty of legs with its captive and loyal user base. Players who have not yet retired Cyno have until October 14 to do so.

Perhaps also characteristic of the series, Cyno is already a popular character in the fan community, with tons of fanart and cosplays and cosplay WIPs already lighting up the internet. Given that the game is well known for the large number of popular female characters, this is certainly an interesting development. It is perhaps a positive sign that female players also have an influence on the types of characters that are designed and introduced into the game.

Genshin Impact 3.1 is playable on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and mobile. You can read more from our coverage of Genshin Impact 3.1 below.

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