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GTA has a strange history on Nintendo consoles


Grand Theft Auto is one of the largest and most popular video game franchises in history. It has sold millions of games on almost every platform released since the PS1 and has sparked more controversy than perhaps any other video game series ever. And all this while avoiding especially Nintendo consoles.

Now with the remastered GTA Trilogy Releasing next month, some of the most popular games on the planet will finally be released on a Nintendo platform, for the very first time. But while it’s been a while that a RGT game launched on a Nintendo console, it has happened in the past. But only four times and only on Nintendo handheld consoles.

The first one RGT game never released on a Nintendo console was a port of the original Grand Theft Auto for the Gameboy Color in 1999, about a year after its release on PC and PS1. The next year, GTA 2 would also end up on Gameboy Color via a similar simplified port. It is interesting to note that the GBC port of GTA 2 contained a playable female protagonist. The series never included any again. (Until there.)

It would be four years before another RGT title this time GTA Advance, would end up on a Nintendo platform. GTA Advance released in 2004 on the Gameboy Advance and was, like GTA 1 and 2, a top-down open-world action game. But it did include some elements from the recently released 3D PS2. RGT Games. Strangely, GTA Advance is actually a prequel to GTA 3, which takes place a year before the events of this groundbreaking PS2 title. It was developed by Digital Eclipse and not by a team from Rockstar Games.

Another five years would pass before GTA Chinatown Wars was released in 2009 for Nintendo DS. During this time, several RGT games had been released at this point for various home consoles. Yet none of these games, like GTA IV Where Stories of GTA Vice City never finished on Nintendo home consoles like the Gamecube or the Wii.

Chinatown Wars features a top-down perspective, like older games, but it also features 3D elements like buildings. It was basically a modern take on the classic style RGT Games. By this point, in 2009, the series had gone entirely to 3D, so Chinatown Wars felt like a fun throwback to those past titles.

After that, Rockstar stopped publishing Grand Theft Auto games for all Nintendo platforms. But the publisher has not completely abandoned Nintendo consoles. He freed the ports of Manhunt 2 and Rockstar table tennis on wii in 2007 and a port of Bully also made its way to the Wii in 2008. The most recent Rockstar game to launch for a Nintendo console was the 2017 wearing of The black.

So it’s not like Rockstar hasn’t created and released games for Nintendo consoles. It’s just the RGT series that for some reason has rarely appeared on a Nintendo platform. Of course everything changes next month when not one, but three classics Grand Theft Auto games are making their way to a Nintendo home console for the first time. GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas are part of the announcement recently (but long rumored) GTA The Trilogy – Definitive Edition will arrive on Switch alongside PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC on November 11.

Yet knowing the story between RGT and Nintendo consoles, it was crazy to see an official Nintendo social network account advertising the game yesterday. Of course, a lot has changed and almost anything can end up on the Switch these days. But part of me is still shocked to see 3D RGT games on a Nintendo console. What world we live in.

Now go GTA IV Where V ever appear on the Switch? I don’t hold my breath. But at least it looks like Rockstar and Nintendo are ready to let the chaos of the world open. RGT on Mario gaming machines.


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