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Is global voice chat finally coming to Nintendo consoles? – Destructoid

A patent hints at a new external device

Nintendo could finally introduce voice chat into its hardware.

While it’s unclear whether this pertains to current or future systems, Nintendo has filed a patent for an external device designed to enable in-game voice chat.

The patent, which was filed in March 2015 in the United States, is convoluted and a bit difficult to understand, but the device is said to have “exemplary embodiments [that] relate to a computer-readable storage medium, information processing apparatus, information processing systems and information processing methods, and relate in particular to computer-readable storage medium, apparatus information processing systems, information processing systems and information processing methods which enable conversation between users at remote locations. »

It’s that last bit — “enable chat between users in remote locations” — that’s interesting.

Here are some more:

In the game system above […] chat box for displaying a character string received from the other user, are displayed on a screen of a monitor. This makes it difficult to view the game image.

Also in the above communication system, since the image of the broadcast program and the information regarding the exchange of messages are displayed on the screens of the image display devices, it becomes difficult to view the broadcast program .

An object of the exemplary embodiments is to provide a computer-readable storage medium, an information processing apparatus, an information processing system, and an information processing method that allow, without affecting the game of Whether playing a game or viewing a television program, remote users can communicate with each other in real time while viewing images displayed on screens as in the case of video chat and text chat.

There are also other repositories that include details on eco-friendly operating modes and real-time gameplay changes (like scaling in-game difficulty based on your quality level ).

Too little too late to get started on Nintendo, or are you excited that Nintendo is finally looking to introduce chat? Is this external voice chat device likely to follow the path of the last generation Wii Speak device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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