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“It basically gives you baby soft skin 2 minutes after application”

Users on ICT Tac are back with another beauty product recommendation you’ll want to grab before it’s gone. This time it’s an affordable skincare choice that users say can shrink your pores and give you super smooth skin.

More recently, the user @edwardzo shared a TikTok Video of his journey in search of Bliss Pro Liquid Exfoliator in a Target store and then putting it through its paces. The now viral video currently has over 41,000 likes.

Bliss Pro 11.8% AHA, BHA, PHA Liquid Exfoliator$19.99

$19.99 at target

According to the product description, this liquid exfoliator has a clinically proven formula that “visibly improves tone and texture.” In the TikTok Video, @edwardzo the skin looks flawless after using the product which leaves me and other viewers convinced that this product is worth $20.

Given the popularity of this Bliss Pro Liquid Exfoliator is on TikTok, it should come as no surprise that it has a near-perfect 4.8 out of 5 star rating at Target.

“Amazing product!” a target customer wrote in their review. “I have sensitive, combination skin with large pores/texture, and after just one use my skin has been transformed. My pores are smaller, texture has improved dramatically, and skin tone is much more even. Didn’t irritate or cause any breakouts either. Glad to keep using this product!”

Another Bliss buyer added, “I was offered this Bliss product to review. I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with this product. looks so clean all the time. This one is definitely my favorite product from Bliss.”

You should know that the Bliss Pro Liquid Exfoliator was also replenished at blissworld.comso you’d be smart to order your bottle at Target Where while still in stock. Chances are it will be sold again soon.

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