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Live A Live’s localization was originally canceled due to poor sales prospects in Japan

The long-awaited JRPG Live A Live is finally releasing in North America on Switch next week, July 22. In a new interview with One More Game, the game’s creator, Takashi Tokita, reveals that a worldwide release was actually the plan all along! Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like the game would do well enough to justify putting forth any resources to locate it at the time.

“We originally planned to release a global version, but since sales prospects in Japan didn’t look particularly promising, we didn’t localize the game at that time,” Tokita explains. “We tried several times to remake the game and port it to other platforms, but we weren’t able to complete them.”

It’s a bit surprising to hear that they’ve tried to remake the game many times before, but it makes sense because this title has been highly admired by RPG fans for a long time. For some reason, they were finally able to make it happen with the new version coming out next week. Perhaps it was the implementation of the “2D-HD” art style that gave the game the boost it needed.

Either way, Tokita feels the new features in the remake are enough to make it a better gaming experience than it has ever been before.

“We also focused on providing quality voice acting and localization so fans around the world could enjoy the game,” Tokita explained. “We’ve made adjustments to various gameplay elements, such as UI, maps, and combat balancing. We’ve also improved the replayability of each chapter so fans can enjoy the story as many times as possible. that they wish.

Soon, another long-requested Japan-only game will finally be available in other regions, and we can’t wait to play it! The new Live A Live remake releases on Switch on July 22. There’s also a demo available now that passes your save data to the final game.