Nintendo consoles

Nintendo consoles and games from decades past could earn you thousands of dollars

Nostalgia isn’t just about memories – those old toys, albums, and even video games and consoles could be worth a lot of money, too.

Nintendo memorabilia and artifacts are now proving to be not only hugely popular, but in some extremely lucrative cases, with collectors spending thousands for certain games and consoles.

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Avowed Nintendo super fan John McClounan owns one of the largest collections of Nintendo memorabilia in Australia, valued at over $ 100,000, and also hosts his own. Youtube channel dedicated to his retro passion.

McClounan has joined The morning show from her house in Adelaide and explained how her obsession started.

“I guess I’ve been playing and collecting Nintendo my whole life, but about six years ago I decided to add a few items. I fell asleep and woke up the next day and had a Nintendo collection in my living room, ”he said.

The avid collector explained why Nintendo is the most sought-after retro gaming brand and how much certain items are worth.

“Nintendo is the most collectible thing compared to a PlayStation or Xbox, after seeing what the Super mario bros 2 sold for ($ 121,000), those are crazy numbers compared to other things, ”he revealed.

McClounan also revealed the most expensive item he currently has in his extensive collection.

“My most precious possessions should be a few rare consoles, one from the early 90s in Belgium, one Zelda: Ocarina of Time one and one Banjo-Kazooie one that’s worth around $ 3,000 to $ 5,000, ”he said.

With his house almost fully occupied in every room with Nintendo memorabilia, McClounan explained that he had no plans to slow down shopping for all of the game company’s latest products, as well as browsing through stores. used and garage sales. for all the hidden gems.

“Recently I went to an operations store and found some really rare Nintendo games worth a few hundred dollars and they had them there for $ 1 each and I couldn’t believe what I found, so it was really lucky… not too long ago, ”said McClounan.