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Nintendo consoles have the sexiest code names

I was reading this interview with Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aimé, which was very interesting, had details of Nintendo’s plans for the future, etc.

At one point he talks about the NX and that got me thinking – I wonder what the NX will be called when it finally has a proper name. If history repeats itself I bet it will be manner less cool than Nintendo NX.

Because Nintendo, without a shadow of a doubt, still has the sexiest codenames for its consoles.

Look at this shit.

Reality Project (Nintendo 64)

I mean Jesus H. Christ, it sounds like the greatest sci-fi movie ever made. I want to watch this movie. Project Reality motherfuckers. Is it even real? Are we still in the real world.


Think about it man. What if it all looked like… a video game. What if we were in a video game right now.

Bro, that shit is deep bro.

Dolphin (Nintendo Gamecube)

Mate, dolphins are – hands down – the sickest creatures in the sea. They are intelligent. They are cute. Flipper was the bomb and I don’t care who knows.

The daring, the pure daring, to name your console after the largest mammal in the ocean.

Nintendo, you are all geniuses.

Nitro (Nintendo DS)

Nitro is just a cool word. If you call something Nitro means the shit is about to go disabled.

Nitro is like a drug name made up out of a Robocop movie or some shit. “Hey man you got it all Nitro? This shit makes you go locoooo. “

Then Robocop arrives and shoots the drug cartel where they make all of the Nitro and it all goes wild for a while. The villain is a robot that runs on Nitro and Robocop is no match for him. Then in the end, Robocop summons the last remnant of his humanity and somehow takes out the villain against all odds.

Nitro. This word takes you.

Nintendo Revolution (Nintendo Wii)

When Nintendo officially announced the name “Nintendo Wii”, I was legitimately fucked up.

You had the greatest console name of all time and you changed it to… Nintendo Wii?

It’s hard to argue with logic in hindsight, but Nintendo Revolution. Slim. It sounded very good. Because it was a “revolution”. It changed things. It was revolutionary.

I wonder: would the Nintendo Wii have been more or less successful under the name Nintendo Revolution. Hard to say.

Twilight (Nintendo DSi)

Twilight looks like a superhero.

She only comes out at night. Or I guess, just before dark. I do not know. She is definitely a female superheroine. Its superpowers are longer battery life and two cameras that no one has really used.

And get this, the Nintendo DSi XL was codenamed… ULTRA TWILIGHT.

Fuck yes.

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