Nintendo sales

Nintendo leads 2021 with over 9 million video game sales in Japan

One of the best things about the gaming industry is its diversity. Publishers release games all year round and due to the huge demand, many of them are making a profit. However, even in this highly diverse environment, there are still a few companies dominating the field.

Nintendo is one of those heavy hitters, alongside Sony and Microsoft. The company has been around since 1889 and originally made playing cards. Since Nintendo started selling video games, it has broken many records. From sales to critical acclaim, the company has it all. Recently, Nintendo hit another annual milestone and added another feather to its hat.

Among publishers in 2021, Nintendo sold the most games in Japan with over 9 million units sold in the country. According to the Media Create Sales: CY 2021 on Install Base, Nintendo game sales are up to 40% of market share, which is an incredibly large amount. Being responsible for nearly half of all video game sales in a country is a big milestone.

Many major publishers in Japan were comfortably beaten by Nintendo. Pokémon Company takes second place with 2 million units sold and makes 13% market sales. It’s a good performance but it’s weak compared to the numbers that Nintendo has produced.

CAPCOM takes third place, after Konami and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. However, the sales of all these publishers combined still can’t match Nintendo. It shows just how dominant the company really is. At the end of the list, Microsoft occupies a very good place in 6th place, considering its popularity in Japan.

On the other hand, SQUARE ENIX is at #7, while Sega is shockingly at #10, perhaps because there haven’t been any Sonic games since 2017 or the decline of the Yakuza franchise. In a much more surprising result, Sony did not make the top 10, which is very unusual.

This list isn’t the only one Nintendo topped in the recent report. It also sold the most hardware with its famous Nintendo Switch, beating the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X. With over 5 million units sold, it was the best-selling console in Japan. As a result, the company dominates all fronts in Japan, whether it’s video game or console sales.