Nintendo sales

Nintendo sales and profits plummet as demand for Switch consoles dries up

Thursday 03 February 2022 15:06

Nintendo’s sales and profits have plummeted as momentum for its Switch console falters and it continues to struggle with a shortage of semiconductor chips.

The Japanese gaming giant made a profit of £2.3bn in the nine months to December, down 2.5% from a year earlier.

Nintendo’s sales have continued to slide since August last year, falling 6% to around £8.1bn in its latest update today.

Sales of its popular Switch console peaked at the start of the pandemic. Allow a young confined person to play virtually with friends.

The release of the Animal Crossing game in March 2020 set the bar high for the game company, when it sold over 14 million copies between April and September 2020.

Research has also suggested that the Switch console is the most successful gaming device ever.

With console sales often driven by hit games, such as Nintendo’s “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” the Kyoto-based company has swallowed a dip in popularity.

Nintendo cut its Switch sales forecast for the fiscal year to 23 million devices, after previously cutting expectations of 25.5 million and 24 million.