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NVC Episode 378: Nintendo Sales and System Update 4.0.0

Welcome back to Nintendo Voice Chat! It’s the calm before the storm: we’re only a week away from Super Mario Odyssey, can you believe it? In episode 378, a savage Andrew Goldfarbe seems to discuss his adventure trying to capture an elusive Pokémon in Texas, Nintendo’s September 2017 hardware sales, and of course the 4.0.0 update. Andre joins Zach “Mr. Moiré” Ryan, Brian Altanoand Peer Schneider to break down many of the new games coming to Switch and 3DS this week and Sony’s interesting new foray into indie game publishing, which includes the introduction of Tiny Metal on Nintendo Switch.

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Discussion topics and times:

00:00 Weeeeewelcome! With precious guest Andrew Goldfarb

01:14 Switch sells 2 million units in the United States. Mario + Rabbids Debuts in the Top 10, and More Fun Nintendo Stats

07:05 The most sincere apologies in the world for someone tapping the microphone.

08:30 Sony releases a Switch game. Is this the apocalypse? A brief history of MS/Sony games on Nintendo platforms

18:06 Red Box rents Nintendo Switch cartridges. Please don’t lick them.

21:08 This week’s Switch and 3DS game releases. Brian. Impossible. To speak. About them all.

23:40 Fire Emblem Warriors: our old impressions (we didn’t get a copy in time to record this episode. By CHROM!)

26:55 Syberia and Wulverblade and Just Dance

32:40 Don’t Knock Twice: should you or shouldn’t you?

37:40 Mario + Rabbids DLC, and other news

41:27 Doom has a date! (Congratulations, Doom!)

45:58 Are amiibo just physical loot boxes?

47:31 Very Important News: Detective Pikachu Movie Recording

49:00 System update 4.0.0 brings video sharing, system transfers, support for USB headphones. We talk about all the new features

01:08:10 Block of questions: if you had to choose — really — between the Mario franchise and the Zelda franchise, which would you keep?

Bonus VLOG: Alex Solomita on how we broadcast live video.

If there was to be only one series, Mario or Zelda, which would you keep?

One of the nastiest question block emails asks us to choose between our two favorites, Mario and Zelda. Which would you choose? If you could never play an episode of one of these series again, would you keep Zelda or Mario?

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