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PlayStation is one of America’s top brands due to PS5 sales

According to a 2022 Brand Relevance Index released by business advisory firm Prophet, PlayStation is currently one of the top ten brands in the United States. No. 7, PlayStation ranks above Fitbit, TED and USAA, and below Android and Instant Pot. Currently, Apple is the no. 1 brand in the country, followed by Peloton, Spotify and Bose.

What makes PlayStation one of the best brands

It certainly helps that PlayStation is one of the most recognized brands in the world, according to many clues. But what sets it apart in the US right now is none other than the PlayStation 5. “It’s PS5 time,” Prophet wrote. “The new console continues to break sales records, proving that nothing can shake the love of gamers. And it ensures that household names, like Spider-Man and Madden, will continue to be part of the family.

PS5 indeed breaks US sales records According to market research and intelligence firm Ampere Analysis, Sony sold nearly twice as many PS5s in the country last year as Microsoft sold of Xbox consoles. The PS5 lags the Nintendo Switch in terms of unit sales, but that’s partly down to a lack of supply exasperated by component shortages.

Opinion: PS5 sales remain impressive despite supply issues

Zarmena writes… Sony and Microsoft have repeatedly said they are seeing historic demand for their next-gen hardware and are making more consoles than ever before. However, companies have been unable to meet the supply. That said, Sony has shipped over 17 million consoles, so it’s no surprise that it ranks among the top brands in the United States.

In other news, details of the PlayStation Game Pass rival have been leaked and we now have more information on its three tiers, and another Gex brand has surfaced online.

[Source: Prophet via Reddit]