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Pokemon Unlikely to Release on Non-Nintendo Consoles

Senior Game Freak staff Junichi Masuda says he has no plans to release Pokemon games on Sony or Microsoft consoles in the future.

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Pokemon and Nintendo have been an iconic duo since Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Red made their respective debuts for the original Game Boy in 1996. Since then, one of Nintendo’s biggest draws for handheld devices – and some of the company’s most stationary products – have been games from Game Freak Pokemon series. There is little doubt that the Pokemon franchise is quite lucrative, and the wild success of Pokemon GO proved that the franchise can firmly establish itself outside of Nintendo’s own devices.


Despite this continued success, however, the franchise is unlikely to team up with Sony or Microsoft – at least, according to a Game Freak staffer.

Thoughts come straight from Junichi Masuda, who has been an employee of Game Freak since 1989, and has seen the partnership between the two brands blossom faster than a swift attack from Pikachu. During an interview with Game Informer, the 49-year-old industry veteran talked about the familiarity of the Nintendo brand and how it benefits the Pokemon franchise:

Everyone really knows Nintendo; there is a familiarity with the brand, and they have this very strong brand and Pokemon being associated with that and being affiliated with that brand is very important. With Pokemonat least we really think it’s really important to be with Nintendo, especially with the Pokemon titles, so I don’t think that would ever happen.

While some might argue that Sony and Microsoft also have a strong familiarity with the brand, context matters; Nintendo is certainly known as a safe choice for young gamers, which makes it a safe bet for parents. While the Pokemon demographic has long targeted young audiences, many who grew up playing the games are still determined to become Pokemon masters themselves. As Pokemon GO proven last summer, casual fans and hardcore fans alike found it easy to step into the shoes of a Pokemon trainer and start trying to catch ’em all.

Despite Junichi’s thoughts, you never really know where the future will take us, and that’s exactly why no expert predicted that Nintendo and Ubisoft would combine their intellectual properties to create a XCOM– inspired tactical game this year. While it looks like Game Freak’s position is pretty clear for the near future, that’s not to say that one day Pikachu won’t grace consoles from Sony or Microsoft – but for now, eager gamers to spend some quality time with Pikachu should either pick up a Nintendo console or take a trip to Pokemon GO.

Source: Game Informer

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