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PS5 disc consoles are now available by invitation on Amazon

It’s been notoriously difficult to get a PlayStation 5 since the console launched in November 2020. The reasons for that obscurity: scalpers, supply chain issues, and more. have been sufficiently covered, but two years later it’s still not easy. to just jump online and immediately buy a PS5 at retail price.

Now, after nearly two years, PS5 restocks are happening more frequently, as you can see on our PS5 inventory tracking page which we update daily. Consoles, however, sell out very quickly once they’re up, so you should always set up alerts and follow accounts to avoid missing out. These are not ideal measurements, but it is much better than before.

Now retail giant Amazon has introduced a measure to help shoppers secure a PS5. Right now, you can “request an invitation” to purchase a PS5 disc console. If you do, you’ll receive an email with a link valid for 72 hours to purchase a PS5.

US buyers can also use the request and invitation to purchase a PS5 disc console here. Requesting an invite gives you a link to purchase a console for the account that received the email.

So far, you can only request an invitation to purchase the Disc Edition of the console, and due to high demand, there is no guarantee that Amazon can accept all requests.

The digital and disc versions of the PS5 restocked on Monday July 25 on Amazon UK, but they’ve been bundled with Horizon Forbidden West, adding an extra £50 to the price. So if you’re looking to pick up a PS5 console on its own at retail price, requesting an invitation to buy seems like the best opportunity right now.

As mentioned above, we update our PS5 inventory check page whenever there’s a PS5 restock from retailers like Amazon, Game, and Very. We also tweet whenever there is a restock on the Twitter Jelly Dealsso be sure to follow this site as well so you don’t miss an upcoming delivery.