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Resident Evil 4 Remake’s New Leon Jacket Is A Real Good You Can Buy

Capcom’s long-awaited Resident Evil 4 remake was finally revealed this week during PlayStation’s State of Play event, and with it came a fresh look at remade versions of characters like Leon and Ashley. While Ashley’s outfit has seen bigger changes, Leon still looks the same with his bomber jacket keeping him stylish while killing infested villagers. It turns out that this jacket is actually a real product that you can buy right now, even if it’s not cheap.

Those who have looked through the Resident Evil 4 trailer in its entirety when revealed during State of Play might spot a different warning than many of the notices we see in game trailers. It read “Leon’s brown sheepskin bomber jacket appears courtesy of Schott NYC.”

It has led people like Reddit user redgrave187 to search for this particular jacket on the retailer’s site, and it looks like they found it. The current consensus is that the jacket in the trailer is modeled after this jacket here which comes in a few different colors that cost $1,495 each.

Will Schott see an influx of people buying the jacket now that the Resident Evil 4 the remake is announced? Probably not given the price, but even if it’s expensive, it wouldn’t be uncommon for Capcom to price one of its editions of a Resident Evil game around that number. Resident Evil Village – the most recent Resident Evil game now getting a VR version – got a “Z version” that included the long coat that Chris Redfield wore in the game. Town cost around $1,800, so an equally expensive price for Resident Evil 4 wouldn’t be out of the question, especially considering that Leon’s jacket is based on an actual product.

Maybe Leon will have better luck hanging on to this jacket compared to the original game, but he probably lose it anyway.

The new Resident Evil remake is still a long way off given that it won’t be released until March 24, so pre-orders aren’t live yet. When these various editions are live, we will then see if the jacket is incorporated in any way.