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Retro-Bit R-Type compilation, more for original Nintendo consoles

If 2017 has proven anything, it’s that the classic game is still in high demand. One look at the SNES Classic Edition sales numbers and you’ll see that people want their old school games more than ever – and Retro-Bit is well aware of that.

In the same way partnership with Sega To put the Sega Saturn, Dreamcast and Sega Genesis back in the limelight, the company also announced a pair of new games that will be releasing for older Nintendo consoles this year, in the form of limited edition cartridge packs that die-hard fans will not want to miss.

The first is R-type returns, a Super Nintendo compilation cartridge that is produced in collaboration with the developers of Irem. It includes two classic SNES shooting games in one package – Super R-Type and exhaustion R-Type III: the third lightning bolt. The packaging will include a limited edition dust-free cartridge, as well as a retail box, a full-color instruction manual, limited edition lithographs, a certificate of authenticity, a collection of original stickers and a Exclusive set of limited edition Retro-Bit x FigPin brooches.

Type R SNES 2

(Source: Castlemania)

In addition, the company is also reintroducing a Castlevania-esque adventure for the Nintendo entertainment system called Sacred diver, which will also be released in 2018. The packaging also contains a number of limited edition goodies including lithographs, Certificate of Authenticity, FigPin pin set, collection of original stickers, personalized 8-bit cartridge with a hard dust cover, and a manual.

Type R SNES 3

Retro-Bit has yet to provide release dates or pricing for these games, but they will be produced in limited numbers, so it’s more than likely that they will become instant collectibles for retro gamers. However, the games will be available for purchase through Castlemania games, so you’ll want to bookmark this page and keep an eye on it whenever pre-orders go live.

This is just the start of the return of the Irem brands, as several games are set to release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 via the Arcade Archives Mark. Specific titles weren’t mentioned, but hopefully we’ll see the Type R games are also making a comeback on this front.

We’ll have more details on the release of these games soon, but it never hurts to start saving your money early, retro fans!

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