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Rune Factory 1 and 2 remakes are dependent on sales, next game is unnumbered

In an interview, Marvelous staff member Shiro Maekawa states that possible remakes of the first two entries in the rune factory series may be possible. Not only that, but he also gave some details on what to expect for the next mainline entry in the series. rune factory has experienced a resurgence in recent years, with Rune Factory 4 special, an enhanced port of the fourth game, released for Nintendo Switch and other platforms thereafter. This was followed by a brand new entry in the series, namely Rune Factory 5which was also released earlier this year.


With the successful performances of these two titles, Marvelous announced that Rune factory 3 would come to Switch next year, under the same special subtitle moniker during a Nintendo Direct. Not only that, Marvelous has confirmed a brand new entry into the rune factory series was in development at the same time. The wonderful staff member Maekawa was recently interviewed about the upcoming release, where he answered a number of questions about the future of the franchise.

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When we asked Maekawa why Rune factory 3 was chosen to be the next game to be remade, he said he felt it was the game that perfected the series’ formula. Not only that, but it was also the title that fans had strongly requested to be ported to modern systems. He noted that there would be a number of quality of life improvements, such as an increase in the number of save files. He also said that there are no solid plans yet to remake the first two DS games, but the team may consider them depending on the sales of Rune Factory 3 Special.

Regarding the next entry, he states that it will not be a numbered main title, which means that it will not be Rune Factory 6. Maekawa notes, however, that this new game would be similar to other rune factory games like Rune Factory Border and tides of fate. He said it would have been a daunting task to tackle a sixth numbered entry, so instead the team would like to experiment and innovate before doing so.

Right now, Rune Factory 3 Special joins a number of farming simulation games releasing throughout 2023 on the Switch. While Japan currently has a fixed release date, the Western release window has not been determined other than 2023. Hopefully, fans won’t have to wait too long to get a scheduled date in the West.

Rune Factory 3 special releases on Switch in Japan on March 2, 2023. The release date for the English version has yet to be announced.

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Source: 4Gamer (via NoisyPixel)