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Russia responds to the scale of product bans by legalizing piracy

With so many companies banning their products and services, or at least their shipments, to Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine, the country is fighting back in a unique way by allowing its citizens to pirate media formats from all kinds.

This includes music, movies, TV shows, and video games. This is an attempt to retaliate against the United States and other countries that apply restrictions on imports, online services, and other features related to these types of media. companies like disney, nintendo, sonyApple, Google, Netflix and many more.

Apparently, if companies don’t want to play nice with them, they’ll just steal and counterfeit everything instead. A decision that will likely lead to continued tension between the country and these companies as well as numerous legal attempts against it and its citizens that will likely go nowhere since Russia does not consider it a crime as long as these legal restrictions. author are abandoned. its end (questionable on so many levels).

The Russian government is telling its companies that they won’t have to worry about patent payments as long as these countries continue to block related goods at its borders. It will temporarily remove blocks from torrent-related websites and other nationwide services that aim to help users find pirated content. The latter has already become popular thanks to the use of VPNs to circumvent these restrictions (which will no longer be necessary).

It seems that the country is determined to dig itself a dangerous hole as it continues to make enemies from various countries, organizations and now companies. There’s no doubt that the damage from this will linger for years, as all parties fix the mess (or at least try to).

Meanwhile, it is quite unfortunate that its citizens have to bear such stress/burden of the limitations imposed on them due to the violent actions of their government.