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Scalpers Could Shift Their Efforts From Consoles To Games With ‘Xenoblade Chronicles 3’ Special Edition

Scalpers have long been known to make things harder for console buyers by grabbing any available PS5 or Xbox Series X/S stock online and reselling them for higher prices. Now it looks like they are shifting their efforts from consoles to the special edition of “Xenoblade Chronicles 3”.

Scalpers now buy the special edition “Xenoblade Chronicles 3”

According to the Nintendo Life story, it seems scalpers have no time to waste when it comes to snagging a new game on Nintendo Switch. The special edition “Xenoblade Chronicles 3” has become the target of dealers eager to resell rare items at higher prices.

The article notes that shortly after the item went live on the US My Nintendo Store for the second time, the listing already started appearing on eBay. Something that betrayed scalpers was that the listings were asking for higher prices than what buyers were supposed to pay for the original game.

The special edition version of the game can be spotted on eBay for higher prices

Listings for the Special Edition version can be spotted on eBay, asking for over $200. The article also notes that Nintendo Store users located in the United States began reporting mixed results when it came to trying to purchase Xenoblade 3 pre-orders.

Many users started sharing their experiences, saying they had problems accessing the website and missed pre-orders. Others, however, said they were lucky enough to get in but had to endure incredibly long queues.

Players complain that scalpers are buying back the game

There is also a limit of one special edition per purchaser, and social media users have started to react to the situation. According Stealth on Twitter, they struggled to buy the new title, and it gave them flashbacks when they tried to purchase the “Xenoblade Chronicles 3” Collector’s Edition.

Another user on Twitter expressed strong feelings regarding scalpers urging buyers not to buy from them under any conditions. The user then tagged eBay, Amazon and Nintendo, saying they needed to do something about the scalper’s situation.

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What if scalpers found games to be equally lucrative

The reason why the user wanted users not to buy from scalpers is that it would result in a win for them and a loss for the players. This means that if scalpers are successful in reselling the game at higher prices, players will once again find it difficult to purchase future titles if this turns into a lucrative revenue stream for scalpers.

If resellers can make money buying limited-edition games and reselling them, they could target more game titles down the road.

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