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South of the Circle releases on PC and consoles August 3

A story of love and promises

Prepare to step into the frozen lands of Antarctica, and into the clash of present and past. Today, 11 Bit Studios is happy to announce that its narrative game, South of the Circle, is coming to PC and consoles on August 3. A press release provides more information about the game. Additionally, a release date trailer gives players a preview of what they can expect to find.

South of the Circle follows the story of Peter, a man torn between two callings in life. A fulfilling career or love. Against the backdrop of the Cold War and stuck in Antarctica, Peter will not only endure the environment but also his own spirit. South of the Circle will take players on a narrative journey that will have Peter contemplating his entire life. Not just his life, but the choices he made along the way.

Connecting players past and present will unfold a story of love and choice. Made with a minimalist art style and high-level voice acting, South of the Circle strives to deliver a more cinematic experience. The game includes voiceovers from big names such as Richard Goulding (The Crown) and Anton Lesser (Game of Thrones).

South of The Circle is out August 3. It will be available on PC (Steam, GOG), Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. So are you excited for the next narrative adventure to make it into the 11 Bit Studios portfolio? ? Will you be playing South of the Circle?

SOURCE: press release