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Switch games are the UK’s best-selling entertainment product in 2022

Beat Blu-ray, CDs and other platforms

The Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) published statistics chart UK sales of all ‘entertainment products’ for 2022 so far – and it looks like the UK public can’t get enough of Nintendo Switch games, with their physical iteration being the most profitable medium available in the main street.

Boxed Nintendo Switch titles have generated healthy sales of £88.7 million (approximately US$102 million) since January 1, 2022, surpassing sales of PlayStation’s PS4 and PS5 versions (79, £6m) and Xbox One and Series versions (£17.8m). Outside of games, Switch titles even outpaced other forms of physical media, including music CDs (£68.9m), DVDs (£66.8m) and Blu-rays ( £52.1 million).

Interestingly, vinyl album sales have skyrocketed to take second place with a massive turnover of £79.6 million. This is somewhat understandable, as much of the entertainment scene has shifted to digital formats, while vinyl collectors are highly unlikely to make such a leap into the digital sphere. Oh, and also, vinyl records cost a goddamn fortune.

“The rise and rise of vinyl seems unstoppable,” notes ERA CEO Kim Bayley. “For a 74-year-old analog format to eclipse the technology of the digital age of gaming platforms is quite extraordinary. 10 years after its long comeback, the vinyl revival is definitely here to stay.

Ironically, despite sitting at the top of the pile, Nintendo Switch UK sales have actually decreases compared to last year, with sales down around 12% compared to the same period in 2021. Of the aforementioned formats, only PlayStation games, Blu-ray and vinyl recorded growth compared to to the graph of the previous year.

Chris Moise

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