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Switch UK sales surge in September thanks to meteoric opening of Splatoon 3

Image: Nintendo Life

The latest GfK data for UK console sales in September is now available and the figures show the Nintendo Switch has gotten a nice boost thanks, in large part, to a little game called Splatoon 3.

Now, we don’t know if you’ve heard of this one – admittedly, the release was a fairly small matter. In its first month, Splatoon 3 managed to become the best-selling video game in Japan in 2022 and account for around 70% of boxed sales in the country – not bad for a small indie title.

GfK data shows a similar feat was achieved in the UK last month. According to the report (thanks,, September saw a 44% increase in Switch console sales over August totals, thanks to the huge popularity of Splatoon 3.

The game ranked fourth among the best-selling games of the month (behind Fifa 22, Grand Theft Auto V and NBA 2K23) although it should be borne in mind that Nintendo does not disclose its numerical data for these figures. , so the total sales will undoubtedly will be higher. If we were looking at boxed sales alone, Splatoon 3 placed second overall.

The full chart of the best-selling games in the UK in September is available below:

The report shows that while annual console sales are still down 35.5% in the UK, September was a strong month across the board, with over 176,000 machines sold across Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

Yes, it’s been a huge month for Splatoon 3 overall, but it’s nice to see it having a direct impact on Switch sales, as the console is undoubtedly entering the final chapter of its lifespan. .

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