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The 10 Best Horror Games Ever For Nintendo Consoles, Ranked


What has helped turn video games into such a lucrative and popular industry is that there are a plethora of different genres that titles can explore, which in some ways gives them even more versatility than cinema or television. Each genre has its own merits, but horror video games have gradually grown to find mainstream success. Horror games can disturb audiences in all kinds of ways, whether that’s psychologically or through aggressive scare tactics.

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Nintendo has built a reputation where their consoles are considered more family-friendly, but there are still a number of horror games that have graced their consoles, many of which are still among the best in the genre.

ZombiU (Wii U)

Wii U ZombiU Zombie Attack

The zombie genre is definitely oversaturated in the video game industry, but ZombiU tries to breathe new life into it with this Wii U launch title. ZombiU capitalizes on the sense of panic surrounding a global catastrophe and the player must survive this overwhelming onslaught of the living dead. ZombiU has been ported to other consoles, but the original Wii U highlights just how perfect the Wii U’s unique control system could be for the horror genre. ZombiU has fallen off Ubisoft’s radar and a sequel is unlikely to come, but the game has some powerful moments.

Sweet Home (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Sweet Home NES Brick Wall Corpse

Sweet home is a title that goes under the radar of a lot of people because it is a Nintendo game that has never been released outside of Japan. However, Sweet home is considered a flagship title of Capcom that has not only inspired Resident Evil, but helped build the survival horror genre in the first place. The game features five playable characters who explore mysterious mansions while solving puzzles and surviving supernatural attacks. Lots of RPG elements are present, but the game still creates a scary sense of dread despite being a 1989 NES game.

Clock Tower (Super Nintendo)

SNES Clock Tower Scissorman Hall of Mirrors

Clock tower is a disturbing horror series that temporarily seemed like it could’ve ended up one-on-one with Resident Evil. The Clock tower The games combine cat and mouse horror with a fascinating mystery that revolves around a deranged serial killer named Scissorman who wields giant blades.

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The most popular entries in the series are on PlayStation, but the franchise actually started on Super Nintendo. The SNES version is still quite complex in terms of the freedom it leaves the player in, and it creates real terror when the bodies start to fall, even though they are shown in 16-bit animation.

Silent Hill: Broken Memories (Wii)

Wii Silent Hill Shattered Memories Drag Body Monsters

The silent Hill series exceeded resident Evil games in some ways, but the strongest entries in the series haven’t appeared on Nintendo consoles. However, an ambitious and effective project is Silent Hill: Broken Memories for the Wii, which remakes the first game in the series. Broken memories features clever ideas and effective use of the Wii’s motion controls, but the title also works as a psychological test for the player who is literally trying to deconstruct their actions and get into their heads. Broken memories isn’t perfect, but it takes big swings and it’s always very annoying.

Resident Evil Remake (Gamecube)

Gamecube Resident Evil Remake Chris Zombie Attack

The Gamecube has turned heads with the news that it’s getting a lot resident Evil titles that were exclusive at the time. Resident Evil remake is a real triumph, not only with what it adds and how it improves upon the original game, but also with how it legitimately makes it spookier through monsters like Lisa Trevor or the Crimson Head zombies. Gamecube’s remake of the original resident Evil is such a success that it has led to Capcom’s modern fascination with redesigning all previous entries in the series, but the original still holds up better.

Amnesia: Collection (Switch)

Switch Amnesia Monster Pig Collection

The Amnesia survival horror series is proof that atmosphere is everything. The games find a way to get under the skin of the audience as they navigate a dark castle and solve puzzles. The first-person perspective pushes the player even deeper into this haunted environment.

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Amnesia was not created on a Nintendo console, but the Switch Amnesia: Collection brings together three of the best entries in the series for a new audience. Amnesia: The Dark Descent, its extension Amnesia: Justine, as good as Amnesia: a machine for pigs are all included here and the Switch controls are a perfect fit for the series.

Project Zero 2: Wii Edition (Wii)

Wii Project Zero 2 Fatal Frame Twins Ghosts

The Fatal frame series, otherwise called Zero Project, does not receive the same attention as resident Evil Where Silent Hill, but they are only in a bad mood and disturbing. The games revolve around taking pictures of restless spirits and that really makes ghosts scary. Nintendo has become the exclusive home of the Fatal frame franchise with the fourth and fifth entries in the series, both of which are excellent. However, the climax of the series, Fatal frame 2, is available on the Wii in an enhanced version. It’s the best Fatal frame for Nintendo fans and that justifies the motion controls of the Wii.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (Gamecube)

Gamecube Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem Gladiator Skeleton

Nintendo is still criticized for its lack of mature titles, but the Gamecube has made some serious strides in showing that Nintendo is committed to the horror crowd as well. Eternal darkness is a brilliant title that tells interconnected stories across multiple time periods and destinations as it draws inspiration from the work of HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe. In-game sanity effects are always one of the smartest concepts in a horror title. For years, fans have been asked for a sequel, or at least a reissue.

Alien: Isolation (Switch)

Switch Alien Isolation Xenomorph Roar

Extraterrestrial is a property that has made a major dent in the film industry, both with its own franchise as well as its crossover with the Predator movie theater. Video games have attempted to tap into this energy, but the majority of Extraterrestrial video games are mixed bags that lean more towards action than horror. Alien: isolation makes the intimidating Xenomorph their top priority and designs a brilliant AI system that creates real fear every time the player is browsing. This is the first time that a Extraterrestrial game looked as scary as one of the feature films, which is a big accomplishment.

Resident Evil 4 (Gamecube)

Gamecube Resident Evil 4 Monster of Lake Del Lago

The resident Evil the series is the pinnacle of survival horror and while every game in the series has its charms, it is Resident Evil 4 which helped revolutionize the franchise and move it forward. Future sequels go too far with the angle of action that Resident Evil 4 introduced, but this game finds the perfect balance between action and horror. There are memorable monsters, thrilling sets, and it looks big in a way that previous games didn’t have. It has become one of the most worn video games of all time, but it started with Nintendo.

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