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The 10 rarest Nintendo consoles (and how much they’re worth)


Companies are releasing game consoles quite regularly. These days, console versions tend to be a big deal and while limited edition consoles come out every now and then, many modern consoles are fairly easy to get your hands on without having to look too hard or pay too much. Dear. But that’s not the case if you like more retro or obscure video game consoles.

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Nintendo has been in the video game world for along time. They may not have started making video game consoles, but it is a company that has grown known for its games and consoles over the years. Some of their retro consoles have become popular collectibles, but many of them are incredibly rare and hard to find. In fact, one of them is so rare that it might not even exist. To see 10 of the rarest Nintendo consoles and what they’re worth, keep reading!

All MTV Limited Edition GameCube Consoles (No Price)

The GameCube is a system that saw quite a few limited edition releases when it first came out. While many people just had the monochrome consoles released widely, there were 29 lucky Nintendo fans in 2003 who received ultra rare consoles. On MTV’s Xmas Daily Broadcast in 2003, they gifted a special limited edition GameCube per day.

In total there was five designs that have been published as part of this promotion, including one created by designer Tom Ford. Sadly, putting a price on these consoles is fundamentally impossible as the 29 lucky winners who got them have never been keen to put them on eBay in the past 16 years.

Panasonic Q ($ 445)

The Panasonic Q is a special hybrid DVD-console player released in Japan in 2001. This console was unique in that it brought the DVD capabilities of other consoles to the GameCube, which many console reviews have pointed out that he was missing.

This super futuristic console was only released in one country and was scrapped soon after release, meaning few people got their hands on it. A used but functional Panasonic Q will run a collector approximately $ 445, but a brand new in-box with a special Game Boy player accessory may go for over $ 2,000.

Game Boy Micro Mother 3 console ($ 2,000)

Mother 3 is a game that was only released in Japan. Despite this, the game has become quite popular with die-hard Nintendo fans and the main character, Lucas, has always made appearances in other Nintendo games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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The Game Boy Micro Mother 3 console is a special edition console released in 2006 to celebrate the game’s release. This console is incredibly rare, which means a brand new in the box can cost as much as $ 2,000 or more, while used versions of the console are closer to $ 800.

Nintendo DS Animal Crossing Wild World (Priceless)

Animal Crossing: Wild World was one of the most popular games on the Nintendo DS when it was released. The Animal crossing The franchise has spawned quite a few limited-edition toys and consoles over the years, but this one celebrates Wild world on the original Nintendo DS is special.

A few different versions of this console with special illustrations depicting the different seasons of the game on the front have been made. Unlike other specials Animal crossing consoles, this special edition console was only released in Sweden and offered as a competition prize, which means that it’s impossible to put a price on this one-of-a-kind console.

Game Boy Advance SP Pokémon Center Charizard ($ 1,000)

Limited edition Nintendo consoles that feature art from the latest Pokemon game have basically always been popular. These consoles are great fun for video game collectors and Pokemon fans love to catch and train their favorite creatures, but they can become incredibly rare and expensive after release. This Special Edition Game Boy Advance has been released in Pokémon Centers across Japan to celebrate the release of Fire Red Pokémon.

Today, a brand new one can set a serious collector back up to $ 1,000 while finding the console in a coarser form, taking it out of its original box tends to be cheaper … but not by much.

Pocket Pikachu Color ($ 70)

Although the Pocket Pikachu Color is not technically a console Like the other consoles on this list, this is still a rare Nintendo item that many video game collectors have done their best to get their hands on. The first iteration of this electronic toy was released in the late 1990s during the height of the Pokémon craze and was called the Pokémon Pikachu. It’s essentially a virtual pet, but instead of playing with or feeding it like similar toys, owners just had to strap it on and walk around in order to let the device count. their steps.

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A color version of the device was released shortly after the original, but it was released exclusively in Japan. Getting one of these new in the package will set a serious Pokemon fan back up to $ 70 for semi-transparent gray plastic. An opaque blue version has also been released and is also much rarer.

Nintendo 64 Red Watermelon ($ 260)

The Nintendo 64 was released in 1996 and was officially discontinued in 2002. For mid to late 90s players, this console was definitely a must. It came in quite a few different colors and the console has become a very popular collector’s item ever since.

Of these colors, the Watermelon Red variation has become one of the more rare and collectable variations of the console. Getting one will set a collector back $ 260, although you can find one for less or find one with a few of your favorite N64 games.

Hyundai Comboy ($ 999)

Nintendo is a popular business around the world. Games and consoles were released in so much countries and sometimes the rarest consoles are those that have only been released in a certain country. The Hyundai Comboy is the name given to the Nintendo 64 in Korea. It was released there in the 1990s, but few were sold there and it was not marketed very heavily as a Nintendo console due to the poor relationship between Korea and Japan.

Due to the few consoles sold in Korea, the Hyundai Comboy has become a highly sought-after console among die-hard Nintendo fans. If you are lucky enough to find a complete Hyundai Comboy be prepared to pay as they can get expensive. about $ 999.

The Famicom is the name given to the NES in Japan. It was released in Japan in 1983 and the NES was released to the rest of the world until the 1980s and 1990s. Both the NES and the Famicom are still popular retro consoles, but they are not that rare.

The exception to this is the Hong Kong version of the Famicom. It is exactly like the Japanese console, except that it was created exclusively be sold in Hong Kong. While it seems rare that such a specific change is sought after by collectors, Nintendo fans are serious. This console will make a collector back down $ 230, a small prize to play to complete their Famicom collection.

Game Boy Advance SP 24K Gold Edition (priceless … if it exists)

The Game Boy Advance SP 24k Gold Edition is by far the rarest Nintendo console ever. It’s impossible to put a price on it, in part because many people are skeptical about its existence. A Nintendo fan who claims to own one once shared a few photos, but … that’s it.

According to the advertisements, about 6 different copies of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap came with a special ticket that could be exchanged for this special Game Boy Advance in solid gold.

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