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These are the best LEGO sellers in Australia right now

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While we’re all big LEGO fans here, it’s not exactly the cheapest hobby out there. It’s a great way to keep your brain and hands occupied, but the individual price tags for some sets may be enough to get your heart racing. Those big price tags for more complex LEGO sets can hurt more than stepping on a loose brick. Especially if it’s a big brand, like star wars.

If you’re looking for something new to build and don’t mind saving a few bucks, here are some of the best LEGO sets currently available for sale.

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Image: LEGO

At a whopping 109cm in length, you’d be hard-pressed to find a larger official LEGO set. Be sure to set some time aside as it’s going to take a while to put this one together.

You can grab the LEGO Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer for sale here.

Image: LEGO

Recreate the Battle of Hoth in your living room with this LEGO AT-AT. This Imperial troop transport can carry up to 40 miniatures as well as four fast motorbikes and stands just over 60cm tall.

You can grab the LEGO Star Wars AT-AT on sale here.

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Standing just over 30cm tall, this R2-D2 is a great build for LEGO and Star Wars fans. This set is a fairly faithful reproduction of everyone’s favorite astromech droid, complete with opening hatches, an adjustable periscope, a rotating head that also houses Luke’s lightsaber, and a third leg that can retract into its body.

You can pick up the LEGO R2-D2 building kit while it’s on sale here.

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While it might not be as iconic as the X-Wing, you can’t deny that the A-Wing has a sleek and eye-catching design. This Ultimate Collector’s Series set will look stylish when it sits next to the rest of your LEGO star wars armada.

The LEGO Star Wars A-Wing Starfighter is for sale here.

lego creator sale
Image: LEGO

Do you have a lot of free time and do you have football fever? Manchester United’s 3,898-room replica of Old Trafford could be the cure.

Although this Old Trafford replica isn’t officially part of LEGO’s amazing Architecture range, it carries the same attention to detail you’d expect from these sets. There’s even the players’ tunnel and the United Trinity statue.

You can currently save $130 off the retail price of this LEGO Creator Expert set and pick it up for $319.95 here. Just make sure you have enough table or shelf space for this LEGO set as its base area is approximately 47cm by 39cm.

lego mario sale
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It’s easily one of the most inventive LEGO sets of the last decade. Hell, do that for the past two decades or so. From a purely aesthetic point of view, this set is a surprisingly faithful replica of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, with a Super Mario Bros. cartridge and a retro TV to which you can plug the console.

What makes this set more than just a display piece is that the TV includes an interactive scrolling display based on the 1-1 world of Super Mario Bros. Absolutely ridiculous stuff that’s only really outdone by the Super Mario 64 block.

You can start playing with the LEGO Super Mario Nintendo Entertainment System while it’s on sale for $278 here. You can also check out Kotaku Australia’s review of this kit here.

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Image: LEGO

The Mos Eisley Cantina might just be the ultimate star wars LEGO set.

This set is a giant recreation of the infamous hive of scum and wickedness from the first star wars and is full of minifigs, some of which can be found exclusively here. There are even minifigures for Doctor Evazan, Long Snoot and that bat-faced alien you only see for a second.

This LEGO set has had its price reduced by over $100 on Amazon, so you’ll only pay $423 instead of $529.99.

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Good news for the handful of Eternals fans out there, Kingo is LEGO and currently 56% off here.

LEGO Creator Botanical Sets – save up to $50.99

LEGO Sale Creator
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Is your green thumb more of a touch of death? Well, here are some plants you’ll never have to worry about killing, with some cut price tags to boot.

Here’s what’s on sale:

black friday 2021
Image: LEGO

Assembles in a snap!

Get your hands on the LEGO Infinity Gauntlet here.

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Speaking of Marvel, you can grab a decent deal on the LEGO guardians of the galaxy set of ships. Usually $229.99, its price has been dropped to $179.

As for the sets, the ship itself is pretty cool, and the inclusion of minifigs for Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, Mantis, Thor, and a Chitauri warrior – giving you pretty much every character Major Guardians, except for Drax and Nebula.

Grab the LEGO Marvel The Guardians ship here.

LEGO busts – save up to $20.99

Image: LEGO

If you’re someone who buys LEGO sets purely for display value, this range is more or less for you. These busts usually cost $89.99 each. Here are the LEGO sets you can currently buy on sale: